Xbox One Elite Controller VS Fusion Pro By PowerA [Review]

Xbox One’s new Elite controller has been flying off the shelves really quickly as reviews of the pro controller flood the Internet and reports are pouring in that stores everywhere are already running low and out of Xbox One Elite controllers. If you aren’t able to get your hands on the Xbox One Elite controller due to factors like your nearest stores running out of stock or you just can’t shell out $150 for one controller, then you might want to look at PowerA’s new pro controller, the Xbox One Fusion Pro.

PowerA unveiled its new Fusion Pro controller for Xbox One at the GameStop Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada back in September but it’s only last week that the Fusion Pro has become ready for shipping. What PowerA pushes as a much better controller than the average Xbox One wired controller, one that is supposed to be on par with Microsoft’s Xbox One Elite controller, is actually half the Elite’s price. Selling for only $79.99 at GameStop, the Xbox One Fusion Pro wired controller is a custom-built controller that is worth the extra bucks if you’re comparing it to a regular controller.

Xbox One Pro Fusion lights up (via PowerA)
Xbox One Pro Fusion lights up (via PowerA)

The product details of the Xbox One Fusion Pro wired controller at Gamestop reads:

“Take your game to the next level. The officially licensed, FUSION Pro Controller earns its elite status thanks to a rigorous 4-stage testing regimen that includes one million button presses, to certify only top quality components. Platter style analog sticks, tuned with proprietary world-class testing software, ensure smooth tracking and unmatched precision. Dual trigger locks for rapid-fire capabilities, combined with four intuitively placed, assignable underside buttons, gives gamers the ultimate advantage. Finished with distinctive styling, customizable illumination, superior ergonomics, a 3.5mm audio jack, and a tournament-legal 9.8ft cord – The FUSION Pro controller is the definitive gaming controller.

-Superior Quality Components
-Precision Analog Sticks
-Dual Trigger Locks
-4 Underside Assignable Buttons
-Custom Illumination Effects with 225 Color Combinations
-3.5mm Audio Jack
-Tournament-Legal 9.8ft Braided USB Cable”


If you’re paying an extra $15 or so for this Fusion Pro wired controller for Xbox One, then expect that the extra bucks are actually worth it. Venture Beat reports that the analog sticks of the Xbox One Fusion Pro controller actually feel and work better than the analog sticks of regular Xbox One controllers. The face and D-pad buttons are all very responsive and light to the touch.

If you’re a sucker for fancy things, the Xbox One Fusion Pro controller is also a nice addition to your arsenal because it has LED lights on the surface. It has a V-shaped LED light at the middle of the controller, and an LED ring encircling both analog sticks when you boot it up. The lights flash in red, blue, and green, with up to 225 different color combinations— so it’s actually kind of pretty.

It also doubles well as a PC controller, since the Xbox One Fusion Pro controller is wired. While this may be a problem for players who tend to keep their Xbox One at more than an arm’s length or two, it could be another perk since you don’t need to charge the controller constantly like regular Xbox One controllers.

Xbox One Pro Fusion's back buttons (via PowerA) Xbox One Pro Fusion’s back buttons [Image via PowerA]Cons

One of the selling points of the Xbox One Fusion Pro is that it actually has buttons at the back — four to be exact. These buttons can be assigned with different game functions that could work to your advantage. However, since it’s something new, players aren’t actually used to using the ring and little fingers so it can feel a little clumsy. It is also noted by Venture Beat that the back buttons are much more difficult to press because of their slippery plastic material, contributing to the overall lightweightedness of the said Xbox One 0controller.

Compared to the Xbox One Elite Controller

Overall, the Xbox One Fusion Pro controller can’t be compared to the Xbox One Elite controller in terms of hair triggers and customization, albeit the back buttons. If you’re wanting something premium, then the Xbox One Elite controller is still your better bet. You’re paying half the price of the Xbox One Elite controller for the Xbox One Fusion Pro, so it only makes sense you get half of what the Elite is worth.

So if you’re looking for something a little fancier than your average Xbox One controller, bearing in mind it can double beautifully as a PC controller, the Xbox One Fusion Pro is not a waste of money at all. Just don’t expect it to perform just as well as the Xbox One’s Elite.

[Images via Microsoft and PowerA]