Kathy Wakile’s Husband Rich Slams Jim And Amber Marchese For Comments On Teresa Giudice’s Children

One person from the Real Housewives of New Jersey family has lashed out at Jim and Amber Marchese for their recent comments regarding Teresa Giudice and in particular her children. On Friday, Rich Wakile, the husband of Teresa’s cousin Kathy Wakile, slammed James and Amber for their comments.

Rich made clear in a tweet that he does not agree with what Jim and Amber has said lately. Rich particularly doesn’t like the fact that James and Amber included Teresa’s children in their comments. It seems that in Rich’s opinion, children are off-limits.


Several people commented to applaud Rich in speaking out against James and Amber.

Amber was a starring housewife on the show’s sixth season, her first season on the show. Amber had some drama with the twins Nicole Napolitano and Teresa Aprea, as well as with Melissa Gorga. Yet she mostly got along with Teresa G. In one scene, Amber sobbed and reached out to Teresa after hearing about her legal troubles.

While Amber and Teresa haven’t known each other for long or particularly well, that hasn’t stopped Amber, and in particular her husband James, to comment on Teresa’s current predicament. Jim has been particularly vocal when it comes to Bravo’s decision to film and air the special The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa Checks In. The three-part special, the finale of which aired about two weeks ago, showed Teresa’s husband, Joe Giudice, raising their four daughters as she serves her time in prison. Also shown on the special were Teresa’s brother, Joe Gorga, and his wife, Melissa Gorga. While Kathy Wakile’s sister Rosie Pierri was also on the special, Rich and Kathy were not.


Jim Marchese publicly voiced his disagreement with the special, telling All About The Tea that that the special is “a dark endorsement of criminal behavior and exploitation of children.” Last week, Andy Cohen responded to Jim’s criticism in an Ask Andy segment.

“I take issue with him saying, ‘It is morphing into a dark endorsement of criminal behavior and exploitation of children.’ He put his kids on the Housewives, so his kids — who are a lot younger — were on. And also, the thing about it is, we have been following this family for seven, eight years, and so we are continuing to follow them….We haven’t endorsed anyone’s behavior on that show. We’ve shown it, as a matter of fact, without editorialization.”

In another interview with All About The Tea, posted on Wednesday, Jim lashed out at Andy. Jim said that his children weren’t shown like Joe and Teresa’s children, in particular their oldest daughter, Gia Giudice. Jim said that Gia looked like a hooker on the special.

“My kids are always dressed and behave appropriately during out filming sessions. Our children are in scenes with our family or friends, never in adult situations. NO talking heads! I cannot believe how Andy portrayed Gia and Joe [Giudice] allowed it. In great contrast, 14-year old Gia Giudice, is seen dressed like a hooker working Hunts Point. Bravo production cakes enough make-up on the girl to make her look like the crypt keeper. My kids did a cute commercial, and you had a FOURTEEN year old discussing her mother’s incarceration for a 41-count felony…”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Gia, as one episode of the special aired, tweeted that she laughed upon seeing a flashback of her mom’s table-flipping outburst against Danielle Staub, which happened on the first season.

In her own interview with All About The Tea, posted on Friday, Amber Marchese reiterated her husband’s sentiment that unlike the Giudices, they did not exploit their children. Amber blasted the Giudices for eating off of Gucci plates and living in a home that they’re not paying the mortgage on. Amber also blasted Teresa for how she treated her and their co-stars Melissa Gorga, Nicole Napolitano, Teresa Aprea, and Jacqueline Laurita on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, calling her “cruel.”


At least Jim and Amber Marchese don’t have to worry about about being on another season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey with Joe and Teresa Giudice. As All About The Real Housewives reported in mid-October, Jim told a viewer that Amber won’t be joining season 7 if Teresa is on it. He said that he and Amber won’t film with criminals.

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