Virginia Tech Warning For November 11, 2015: ‘I Will Be Here 11/11/2015 To Kill All Muslims’ [Photos]

There’s a warning going around from Virginia Tech Police about graffiti that was found inside a Price Hall bathroom, reports USA Today. As seen below, the threat was made towards Muslims with a specific date in mind for Virginia Tech students to be warned about: November 11, 2015. The “11/11/2015” date and threat listed inside of the Virginia Tech building could merely be a bad joke from another Virginia Tech student — or a non-Virginia Tech student for that matter — but Virginia Tech police are taking the 11/11/2015 threat against Muslims seriously. They’ve posted a warning about the threat to kill Muslims on 11/11/2015, and the Virginia Tech News site explains more details on how to spread the word and remain safe.

November 11 2015

Virginia Tech Police Department received a report concerning graffiti that had been left inside a bathroom stall in Price Hall. The graffiti stated “I will be here 11/11/2015 to kill all muslims (sic).”

The campus police at Virginia Tech are taking no chances about the threat made to kill all Muslims, reports the Washington Post, especially in light of the violence that has visited Virginia Tech in the past. On April 16, 2007, a Virginia Tech student named Seung Hui Cho killed 32 people in about 10 minutes (he’d killed two people earlier that day — and later, himself) as he walked from room to room at Virginia Tech, firing approximately 170 rounds of ammunition. Virginia Tech merchandise in Blacksburg, Virginia, sold in droves following the tragic shootings. The 23-year-old Cho was an undergraduate student at Virginia Tech in his senior year at the school when he went on a shooting rampage in a dorm and Norris Hall.


Although the graffiti was found in the bathroom at Virginia Tech on Monday, the campus alert wasn’t sent until Thursday, November 5. That date was still early enough to give Virginia Tech students fair warning about the threat made. Whether it’s a credible threat or not, the Virginia Tech police likely wanted to give all Virginia Tech students and concerned parties ample time to decide how they would react to the threat prior to November 11.

“The Virginia Tech Police Department continues to investigate this matter. We are making the community aware of this graffiti and seeking the community’s assistance. If you have any information concerning this graffiti, we ask that you immediately contact Detective John Waid at 540-231-6790 or via email at”

The Virginia Tech police also let students and the public know that they are still looking into the threat made as November 11 approaches. The Virginia Tech police reached out to the public for assistance, letting everyone know that anonymous reports can be made online regarding any threats, suspicious people they might witness on the Virginia Tech campus and beyond — and safe ways to make such things known to them.

With the 11/11/2015 threat regarding Virginia Tech making the rounds online, coupled with the alert sent to Virginia Tech students by Virginia Tech police, the threat against Muslims is being taken seriously.

Tips may also be reported anonymously to the police department by calling 540-231-6411, submitting an anonymous online report, or by utilizing the LiveSafe app. The Virginia Tech Police Department would like to remind all community members of the following:

  • Be aware of your surroundings and trust your instincts.
  • Call Virginia Tech Police Department immediately to report all suspicious people and circumstances.
  • Be cautious in confronting suspicious persons.
  • Contact the Dean of Students Office at 540-231-3787, via email at, or in person at 109 East Eggleston Hall, no appointment necessary, should you seek additional support or care.
  • Faculty and staff should contact Hokie Wellness for support and assistance at 540-231-9331.

Tanushri Shankar was the Virginia Tech student who posted the warning from Virginia Tech on Facebook. Tanushri also writes about the threat on Twitter.


[Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images]