Is One Direction’s ‘History’ About The U.K.’s Dying Music Industry?

One Direction is getting ready to wind down five years of touring with their release of Made In The A.M. on November 13. While some claim the song “History” is about relationships — could it be a nod to the fact that the underground music industry in One Direction’s home country is fading fast?

Fresh off the stack, Billboard said “History” was already trending in the charts within a few hours of its release.

About One Direction’s “History,” Spin says, it is about “their relationship with [fans].”

In the One Direction song are contained the lyrics, “You and me got a whole lot of history / so don’t let it go / we can make some more / we can live forever.” Are they perhaps singing about how much One Direction loves the dying underground music scene in Merry Old England — and wishes that it were doing better?

Interestingly, some U.K. musicians may wish that a famous band like One Direction would defend them because they are dealing with some serious issues. For instance, the kind of privileges that One Direction enjoys are not extended to all U.K. bands.

One Direction was lucky to be able to tour in the United States on schedule — but the same opportunity is too expensive for their fellow British musicians. According to a report from October 25 by Louder Than War, “For a British band to tour America, it costs $7,000 to even get into the place and the visas arrive so late so you have to cancel your flights and gigs and re-book everything losing money and gigs before you even get there.”

Do these kinds of terms mean that One Direction will be the only U.K. band that Americans get to see? Sadly, the same experience is not true in the reverse order. Louder Than War goes on to say that American bands visiting the U.K. only need to pay $50 for a visa.

For fans that have always wanted to see One Direction play at a small venue in their home country — this may soon become a thing of the past. The BBC reported on September 25 that small music venues in the U.K. are under threat. They go on to state that, in the past 10 years, almost 40 percent of music venues have closed in London and throughout the U.K.

Could One Direction save the day in this venue-shrinking reality? As it appears, there is a task force charity being set up by London mayor Boris Johnson called the Music Venue Trust — and they are looking for celebrities like One Direction.

One Direction may have a chance to show their grassroots pride.
One Direction may not have started in the grassroots U.K. music scene -- but they can certainly help the fading scene. (Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images)

The task force was set to produce a report in October that would shine a light on how to keep small venues in the U.K. from shutting down — and they have a good reason to keep British music afloat for bands like One Direction, or anyone else.

The BBC goes on to quote Mark Davyd from the Music Venue Trust.

“The British music industry is worth £3.8 billion. All that money starts from when somebody takes their first step onto a grassroots venue stage.”

Speaking to bands like One Direction and other British talent, Mark Davyd says, “I think at that point there is a real opportunity for the music industry and the government to really respond to that and really get behind grassroots music venues.”

How else can One Direction help the declining U.K. music industry by doing grassroots music performances? In the recent past, many of the ideas that One Direction declared for hiatus projects have included playing music with lesser-known or grassroots musicians. For example, Niall Horan wants to start a rock band and tour Ireland, according to J-14.

Niall Horan can help U.K. grassroots music movements by playing solo.
Niall Horan could help the grassroots music scene in the U.K. by performing in small venues during the 1D hiatus. (Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images)

In the meantime, One Direction is far from finished with performances before their March, 2016, hiatus begins. For example, the band is being asked to play at various music awards shows. Of course, before they spend a single day on holiday/vacation, One Direction have already been asked to play their reunion show in Las Vegas, according to Sugarscape.

[Picture by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images]