‘Ladies Of London’ Annabelle Neilson ‘Hurt And Disappointed’ Julie Montagu Didn’t Defend Her Against Caroline Stanbury

Annabelle Neilson believes that Julie Montagu should have defended her instead of staying silent and even participating in Caroline Stanbury’s negative talk about her. In her latest BravoTV.com blog, posted on Friday, Annabelle commented on the drama involving her, Julie, and Caroline that was shown on Monday night’s episode Ladies of London.

On Monday night’s episode, the women continued their vacation in Denmark. As they rode in a bus that took them from their hotel to a castle, Caroline started talking about Annabelle’s relationship with Julie, with Annabelle sitting right there in the row behind them. Caroline asked Julie what’s the worst thing that can happen if she stood up to Annabelle.

Caroline and Annabelle already had drama with one another. Previously, over dinner in a restaurant, Annabelle told Caroline to be careful with her posh put-downs. Caroline countered that Annabelle withdraws too much.


In her blog, Annabelle said that she was “hurt and disappointed” that Julie didn’t defend her when Caroline started talking badly about her. Annabelle pointed out that she has been a good friend to Julie, in particular when it comes to supporting her efforts to revive Mapperton, her husband’s royal family estate. Annabelle said that she took time out of her schedule to go with Julie to Mapperton and even revealed that Luke, Julie’s husband, who is the Viscount Hinchingbrooke, heir to the Earl of Sandwich, only wanted to be filmed with her.

“Hurt and disappointed in Jules not have the guts to say that was not true. She had asked me to go with her on every trip, and I had taken time out of my schedule, which is always busy, to try and make her feel like she could take over Mapperton when it came to it. Luke won’t be seen with anyone but me, so I made myself available to help her. I did that for her and for Mapperton, which has always been like a home to me. Caroline was just being a cow, but that seems to happen every time she opens her mouth.”

Later, during dinner in the castle, Caroline Stanbury and Annabelle Neilson got into a heated argument, with Julie the subject of the argument. Caroline said that she feels as if Julie Montagu is finally becoming her own person instead of being Annabelle’s puppet.

“Before you were Caprice’s puppet and then you became her [Annabelle] puppet and now you’re just your own…She’s having some kind of evolution. It’s a different person…It’s like she’s growing her own testicles.”

Annabelle made clear that she didn’t want to hear what Caroline was saying by putting her hands over her ears and then putting her hand up towards Caroline’s face. Annabelle then called Caroline a cow with only dribble that comes out. In an interview, co-star Juliet Angus commented that underlying what happened at dinner is this energy between Caroline and Annabelle that has been brewing for a while that’s now coming to a head. Was that Juliet’s way of saying that Caroline and Annabelle are really just fighting for top position over the group?


In her blog, Annabelle said that Caroline just doesn’t make sense.

“Caroline called Jules my b**h, not to my face but behind my back. And Jules says she always says these things to your face, but that quite obviously is not true. Caroline then said Jules had her head up my a**, but then all of a sudden I had my head up Jules’? Please make your mind up and wash your mouth out too.”

A preview for next week’s episode, which is the season finale, shows Annabelle and Julie in tears as they talk about their friendship. To Julie, Annabelle voices disappointment that she didn’t receive any support from her, her closest friend in the group, in a time of need. Julie responds that she did send a text. When Annabelle said that what she really needed was in-person comfort, Julie says that a text was all she could do because of how busy she is and apologizes for messing up. Julie breaks down and sobs as she talks about her life.

“I am so sorry. From the bottom of my heart I am sorry…I have four kids. I have a husband who’s away. I work 12 to 14 hours every single day Annabelle and I am sorry. I am working my a** off with everything and that is why text messaging, that is how I relate…I am sorry I am not good enough…I am sorry I am not the good friend I wanted to be for you but I am frantically busy!”

Yet it seems that the tearful heart-to-heart talk and Julie’s apology was not enough to repair the friendship. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Annabelle Neilson and Julie Montagu got into a heated Twitter argument last weekend. The argument was originally between Annabelle and Caroline Stanbury, but then Julie got involved when Caroline brought her into it. Perhaps Caroline will address the recent Twitter drama during her Watch What Happens Live appearance on Monday after the Ladies of London season 2 finale episode airs?


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