Russia Metrojet Plane Crash: Did ISIS Get A Bomb On Board? British And U.S. Intelligence Intercepted Chatter About A Bomb On The Russian Plane, Flight Data Recorder Shows Crash Was No Accident [Video]

New information regarding the Russia Metrojet plane crash that happened in Egypt last Saturday has surfaced. Reuters is reporting that British and United States intelligence were both able to intercept communications from extreme militants and a foreign government suggesting that a bomb was used to bring down the Metrojet from Russia. The plane crash resulted in 224 deaths. It is being speculated that a bomb was hidden in the luggage compartment of the Russian plane. Even though the U.S. and Britain believe it was a bomb, no hard evidence has been released yet to confirm that a bomb was the reason for the Metrojet plane crash. An anonymous source commented on the Metrojet crash.

“We still cannot be categorical but there is a distinct and credible possibility that there was a bomb.”

An affiliate group of the Islamic State has publicly come out and claimed responsibility for bringing down Russian plane.

“The theory of an explosive device, with local complicity, is being taken seriously. Nothing is proven yet, but it is a real possibility. They believe that what Daesh (Islamic State) is saying has a good chance of being credible,” a European official involved in the investigations said.

If it is proven that this group was responsible for bringing down the Metrojet, then it will be the first time that the terrorist group brought down a civilian aircraft.

Russia Metrojet Plane Crash: British And U.S. Intelligence Intercepted Chatter About A Bomb On The Russian Plane, Flight Data Recorder Shows Crash Was No Accident Russians Mourning The Loss Of Loved Ones From Russia Metrojet Plane Crash [Photo by Alexander Aksakov/Getty Images]Even though the United States and Britain believe that a bomb caused the plane crash, Russia is not as convinced. Russia’s skepticism has not clouded their judgement though in halting Russian planes from flying in the area of where the plane went down. Alexander Bortnikov, the head of Russia’s FSB security service, suggested to Vladimir Putin that Russia should not fly into or around Egypt until the cause of the crash could be determined.

“Until we know the real reasons for what happened, I consider it expedient to stop Russian flights to Egypt.”

Russia has resisted the urge to say that they agree with the assessment that a terrorist bomb brought down the Metrojet. It is believed that the reason that Putin is reluctant to blame a bomb is because it will be seen as an act of retaliation by ISIS for Russia’s involvement in Syria.

Even more than Russia, Egypt is strongly denying that a bomb was the primary factor in bringing down the Metrojet. The reason that Egyptian officials are resisting so hard is due to the tourism industry in Egypt. If it is determined that a bomb was the cause of the plane crash, Egyptian tourism could see a sharp decline due to fear of flying into or out of the country.

The United States and British intelligence are apparently not sharing the information that they have with the Egyptian government. This is leading to some frustration within Egypt. Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry commented on the lack of intelligence sharing.

“I believe that this information has a direct bearing on both the investigation and our status, this incident having happened on our territory. And I would have expected that if there is information, that it would have been shared with those immediately concerned.”

Did ISIS get a bomb onto the Russian Metrojet? If that is proven to be the case, what type of military response do you expect Russia to have against the terrorist group?

[Image via YouTube Screen Capture]