Ariana Grande Called ‘Lazy Little F***’ By TV Host After Canceled Appearance

Ariana Grande has pissed off a British host. According to the Mirror, Grande was set to go on The Jonathan Ross Show but decided to cancel for reasons unknown. This forced Ross to come up with an alternative to close his show. Instead of Grande, his other guests Joan Collins, Sheridan Smith, and Danny DeVito performed a karaoke version of “Nine to Five.”

Not only did Grande’s cancellation put the host in a tough spot, but the pop star probably would have attracted a ton of viewers, and her canceling last minute might have compromised the show’s ratings.

Jonathan Ross is known for not holding back much, and he let his anger out when he spoke about Ariana Grande’s snub.

Instead of brushing it under the rug, Ross said, “Ariana is in town. We were told she would be in the car at 6pm to be here for 7pm then it got to 7pm and she was not in the car – 7.30pm and she is still not in the motherf—king car. So I don’t think we can hold out much hope.”

The host continued, “I don’t know what it is. We are going to give Ariana the benefit of the doubt and not say anything mean or judgmental. I apologize to anyone who might have come along hoping to see her. She was booked but the lazy little f—k has not come. Maybe she has gone to her first Nando’s.”

So far, Ariana Grande hasn’t responded to Jonathan Ross’ comments about her cancellation. Sadly, some fans were looking forward to the appearance.

This isn’t the only appearance that Grande has bailed on. After Ariana was captured saying, “I hate America,” she decided to not show up to a scheduled MLB All-Star performance.

In September, Grande also cancelled a Sacramento concert due to an illness.

At the time, she tweeted, “Sacramento I’m so so so sorry that I’m unable to perform for you tonight. I’m just too sick :9 I never Want to dissapoint [sic] you. Rescheduling the show for Thursday and I really hope I can make it up to you then…& I love you so so much.”

The last time we heard from Ariana Grande, she was receiving praise from many after taking issue with two radio hosts who were spouting misogynistic comments. As the Inquisitr reported, during an appearance on Power 106 to promote her single “Focus,” she deemed questions by Justin Credible and Eric D-Lux as sexist.

The two asked Grande if she had to choose one, her cell phone or makeup, which one would she choose, as if it say that women only have two interests.

She answered, “Is this what men assume girls are having trouble choosing between?”

The two then brought up the new set of emojis when the hosts said that men don’t have the use for the unicorn emoji.

Grande answered, “You need brushing up on equality… who says the unicorn emoji isn’t for men? Alright, I changed my mind. I don’t want to hang out at Power 106 anymore.”

All of that aside, since Grande usually preaches about being authentic and has given reasons for cancelling appearances in the past, we wonder if she’s going to come forth with an explanation on why she missed The Jonathan Ross Show.

[Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week]