Christina Milian, Lil Wayne ‘Turned Up’ Clues: Wedding, Fetish, ‘Tearing Away Love’

Will Lil Wayne and Christina Milian get married? Inquiring fans certainly want to know, and they feel they will get the scoop when they watch Christina Milian’s reality TV show Turned Up this fall.

After a successful first season in early 2015, Christina Milian’s Turned Up return to the E! Network on November 3. Of course, many Christina Milian fans were tuning in to see if there were any mentions of Lil Wayne.

Although Christina Milian and Lil Wayne have made a point of stating that they are no longer together, they are not involved in a bitter break up. In fact, around October 14, Christina Milian told Ebony in an interview, “I think we just have differences sometimes and we have to figure out for ourselves the right thing instead of always trying to figure it out together. Because sometimes it just gets messy.”

Because things are still so amicable between the two of them post-breakup, fans have started to suspect that Christina Milian and Lil Wayne will eventually get back together — and Turned Up is where they will reap their best clues.

Is Christina Milian still in love with Lil Wayne?
Christina Milian hangs out on November 1 at the H&M VIP pre-launch party for Balmain -- but is she still harboring feelings for Lil Wayne? (Photo by Michael Kovac/Getty Images for H&M)

Suspicions by fans that Christina Milian and Lil Wayne’s love story is not over yet are especially fierce since they filmed a video for Christina Milian’s song “Do It,” according to the Latin Post. In particular, during the video, Christina Milian was dancing with Lil Wayne in a manner that might suggest they still had a passionate romantic spark between them.

About fans gleaning clues about Christina Milian and Lil Wayne’s relationship from Turned Up is a report from Hip Hollywood. The day after Turned Up aired, Christina Milian was quoted during the People’s Choice Awards on November 3 stating the following about Lil Wayne.

“You’ll see a lot of things, but yeah, there are breakups and makeups. There’s definitely a roller coaster of love on this season.”

However, what really has fans reeling is the fact that Christina Milian’s sister Lizzy is talking about weddings being a part of season 2 of Turned Up. Could Lil Wayne and Christina Milian still be together — and plan on marrying in secret?

As it appears, Lizzy Milian had “two dreams in one week that she was at Christina’s wedding.” Regardless, before Christina Milian and Lil Wayne fans start envisioning wedding bells in their future, keep in mind that Christina Milian was dismissive of her sister’s wedding dreams.

Despite this, MStarz is not so sure that Christina Milian is as dismissive of Lil Wayne as she appears to be. Other clues emerging on Christina Milian’s Turned Up include Christina telling her mother with tears in her eyes that “Breaking apart… It’s tearing away the love that I have for [Lil Wayne].”

Christina Milian says there will be romance talk on "Turned Up"
At the 2016 People's Choice Awards, Christina Milian made a point of dropping hints about "Turned Up" and romance. (Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for The People's Choice Awards)

While this incident may be a clear sign that Lil Wayne and Christina Milian are far from over, other news about their relationship is a bit strange. For example, E! Online has a deleted scenes clip from Christina Milian’s Turned Up where she is talking about foot fetishes — and Lil Wayne’s name is insinuated.

Naturally, Christina Milian may be trying to take it easy on Lil Wayne because, as he said recently in a tweet, it is tough to be him.

Not long after Christina Milian and Lil Wayne filmed the video for “Do It” in Miami, his nearby mansion was raided by police because he neglected to pay for a $2 million court settlement to a private jet company called the Signature Group, according to Fortune.

Nevertheless, if Christina Milian decided to get back together with Lil Wayne, she might find she becomes part of the center of his heart. On Twitter on November 4, Lil Wayne tweeted, “I ain’t s*** but my mother, my kids, and their mothers are EVERYTHING and dat I know, so on the days [I question] everything, I use dat as the answer 2 it all.”

To find more clues about Lil Wayne, tune into Christina Milian’s Turned Up on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on the E! channel.

[Picture by Charley Gallay/Stringer/Getty Images]