ABC’s ‘The Bachelor’ 2016 Spoilers: Reality Steve Reveals Ben Higgins’ Final 3 Ladies, Overnight Date Location

Ben Higgins is looking for love on ABC’s The Bachelor 2016 season, and Reality Steve’s spoilers indicate that the final three ladies have been chosen. Ben and these final three bachelorettes will head off on exotic overnight dates, and the final rose ceremony is right around the corner. What do Steve’s Bachelor spoilers indicate about Ben’s elimination after the hometown dates?

As Reality Steve’s spoilers previously detailed, Ben Higgins had a traditional round of hometown dates with his final four bachelorettes. The four ladies are said to be Lauren Bushnell, Caila Quinn, JoJo Fletcher, and Amanda Stanton, and Ben visited each lady in their hometowns and met their families. As is typical, one lady was eliminated at a rose ceremony after the hometowns and Steve’s Bachelor spoilers tease that Amanda was cut.

Seeing Stanton go out at this stage is what Reality Steve’s spoilers had been predicting for a bit now. In fact, Steve’s Bachelor spoilers indicate that Higgins is seemingly very smitten with one bachelorette in particular and has been for much of filming. Will these final dates shift things in terms of the frontrunner, or is Steve’s predicted final choice going to be Ben’s final rose recipient?

Just where will Ben, Lauren, JoJo, and Caila go for these overnight dates? Reality Steve’s spoilers via Twitter indicate that they are headed to Greece for these final dates. There had been some chatter Steve had heard regarding Greece as a potential Season 20 filming location, and now he says it has been confirmed. Steve’s Bachelor spoilers indicate that both the overnight dates and the final rose ceremony will be filmed there.

Will Higgins do the typical overnight fantasy suite dates with JoJo, Lauren, and Caila? Ben has talked quite a bit in the past about his Christian values, but he also did go ahead with the overnight date on Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Bachelorette season this past spring.

Every lead plays this stage a bit differently, and Reality Steve’s spoilers should have the scoop on Ben’s dates soon. It could also add some interesting dynamics if Ben is indeed focused on one bachelorette in particular at this point, and he has also teased that this has been quite apparent to the other bachelorettes still on the show. Will the other two get the opportunity to sway his affections?

Not only have Reality Steve’s spoilers predicted Amanda’s elimination at this stage, and detailed the supposed final rose frontrunner, Steve’s Bachelor spoilers have also named a supposed likely Bachelorette lead contender. However, at least on paper, this would appear to be a final three grouping where an argument could likely be made for any of the remaining bachelorettes to score the gig for next spring.

Ben Higgins’ final rose ceremony is said to be slated to take place on November 18, per Steve’s Bachelor spoilers. Will there be a tense self-elimination or blindside rose ceremony after these overnight dates like viewers saw with Juan Pablo Galavis’ season and Andi Dorfman’s departure, or Kaitlyn Bristowe’s exit on Chris Soules’ season?

It’s too soon to tell for certain, but fans may well want to brace themselves for something dramatic or intense and a potential Bachelorette lead set-up at this rose ceremony where the final three are whittled down to Higgins’ final two ladies. While Reality Steve’s spoilers would appear to indicate that things are a little predictable at this point, there are no guarantees as of yet and shifts could still take place.

ABC’s The Bachelor 2016 season starring Ben Higgins and the Season 20 ladies premieres on Monday, January 4. Will there be a fairy tale love story and happy ending this time around?

[Image via Us Weekly‘s Twitter]