‘The Voice’ Executives Not So Thrilled About The Blake Shelton-Gwen Stefani Relationship

After flirting endlessly on The Voice, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani have finally confirmed the dating rumors. This came with an explosion of approval and thrill from their fans. However, not everybody is happy about it. In fact, executives of NBC’s hit show, The Voice, say they are worried sick about the relationship.

The match seems to have been made in heaven, but an insider from the production studios of The Voice admits the bosses are not as thrilled about it as everyone else. The source told Radar Online, “NBC executives are actually worried sick about these two being involved in a serious relationship.”


This statement seems a little surprising after the overwhelmingly positive feedback the show has seen since the news. But, the source points out that relationships like these often end in a nasty break up, which would have an even greater impact on The Voice’s viewership. The source continued as follows.

“Of course it’s great for right now. The studio is predicting that this week’s show will be the highest-rated one that The Voice has ever seen. Everyone will tune in, which is exactly what they all want right now. But if something goes wrong with them then the show is screwed because the audience and crew loves Gwen and loves Blake and does not want either of them to go anywhere.”

The network has already come together to discuss the best way to avoid a major public disaster, just in case the two celebs decide to call it quits. The source explained that the show’s producers are going to get Gwen and Blake together and seriously discuss the implications of their relationship. Though this hasn’t happened yet, according to the insider, it’s supposed to happen in the very near future before something goes wrong.

The Voice bosses aren’t the only ones to comment on the newest celebrity relationship. Carson Daly has also done an exclusive interview on the Today Show. Daly hadn’t said a word about his suspicions to the media until that point, choosing loyalty over the media.

He admits that neither Blake nor Gwen told him about their secret romance, but there is so much chemistry both on the stage and behind the scenes, he had a distinct feeling that something might be happening between the two.

Fans of The Voice will recall numerous instances where the two flirted openly. Gwen referred to him as “sweet,” while Blake performed some of his best dance moves in front of her chair.

Shelton clued America in on their little secret when he told Stefani that he was, “so glad you’re in my life now.”

Then, there’s the Jimmy Fallon short when The Voice coaches played Fallon’s new game of “Spin the Microphone” on the Tonight Show. When the microphone landed on Gwen, she asked Blake to sing “Hotline Bling” with her on stage, and there seemed to be a little romance going on when Stefani looked into Blake’s eyes and sang, “You used to call me on my cellphone/Late night when you need my love.” See if you can pick up on their flirtations in the video below.

According to Daly, all of these instances and his personal interactions with the two led up to his suspicions about the pair dating.

When asked about his reaction to the news that they were dating, Daly admitted he was a little shocked, but not because the signs weren’t there. He revealed his thoughts to the hosts of the Today Show.

“I didn’t think Blake could get a girl hot as Gwen, to be honest. He’s a goofy cowboy, she’s the queen of cool. But God bless them, they’re two of the nicest people in the business. We’re thrilled that they’re finding each other. Good luck, we love you!”

For the sake of NBC’s The Voice, and the happiness of the two recently divorcees, let’s hope that their relationship continues without a hitch.

[Image via Jason Merritt/Getty Images]