Ellen Reveals She Would Cry Every Time She Rehearsed Her Coming Out Speech: ‘It’s Scary As Hell’

Ellen DeGeneres is many things. She is rolling-on-the-floor-with-laughter funny, she is generous to a fault, and she is gay. Fans have known for years that Ellen is gay, but she came out on her TV sitcom, Ellen, before she came out in real life. Huffington Post reveals that when Ellen filmed that scene, she would cry every time they rehearsed it.

“Even… when we rehearsed it, every single time I said, ‘I’m gay,’ I would start crying. Every time.”

Ellen also talked about how scary it is to say the sentence, “I’m gay,” out loud in front of a whole bunch of people.

“To say that sentence out loud, in front of a whole bunch of people is scary as hell – and emotional and empowering – which is why most people cry when they tell their parents or tell anybody.”

The scene in which Ellen comes out on her sitcom has become a classic. Later, Ellen had her famous “coming out” interview on Oprah.

Ellen DeGeneres has moved forward since coming out with strength and grace. She has been happily married to her wife, Portia de Rossi, since 2008. Her soaring career includes her own talk show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and a turn at hosting the Academy Awards.

Ellen and wife Portia have a lovely home, of which the Los Angeles Times managed to get a sneak peek. Ellen told the Los Angeles Times it was hard to count the number of houses she had bought and sold over the years in Southern California. She had to count out loud!

“You think I’d know that number by now, wouldn’t you? Let’s see… one, two, three… five… that’s eight… I guess about… twelve? Yeah, that sounds about right.”

It seems Ellen is obsessed with houses. In fact, she has even published a book called, “Home,” in which she features fabulous photos of the many homes she has had. Ellen says her family moved a lot when she was a child and they always lived in apartments, but they always looked at homes they wished they could buy. She thinks that’s where her love of houses came from.

Coming out and beautiful houses aside, perhaps the most endearing quality of Ellen is her generosity, aside from her incredible sense of humor, of course. She frequently gifts people, particularly her fans, with the most extraordinary items. Recently, Ellen brought fan Carly Christiansen, a junior at Brigham Young University, onto her show. Carly thought she was just getting a backstage tour because she was an audience member and was stunned when she found herself as a guest on the show. The Daily Herald reported that she told Ellen how big a fan she really is.

“[My sister and I] would fight like cats and dogs until your show came on. The theme song was like my mom’s gift from God because we would stop fighting… That was the only time we were getting along.”

Ellen gave Carly a hoverboard and a brand new 2016 Ford Focus hatchback to help her get to her classes, work, and her volunteer sessions at the local women’s prison. Carly’s surprise at receiving the gifts was plain to see. View it here on ellentube.

Ellen has inspired so many people. She may have even been the inspiration for Adele’s song “Hello.”

Well, maybe not; but, she is a wonder to behold and Ellen’s fans certainly seem to find it exciting to see what kind, generous move she will make next.

[Photo by Everett Collection/Shutterstock]