‘The Wives Did It’: Shocking New TV Show Depicts Polygamy, Cults, Sex, And Murder On Investigation Discovery Premiere

The Wives Did It is Investigation Discovery’s (ID) shocking new TV crime series, which focuses on the crimes of women in polygamist cults. According to Investigation Discovery’s press release, The Wives Did It is scheduled to premiere on Investigation Discovery tonight. The shows theme is similar to another religiously-based crime show on Investigation Discovery entitled Deadly Devotion. In each one-hour episode, a new true crime story will be told. ID viewers will have the opportunity to hear commentary from legal experts, family members of the victims, and law-enforcement officials.

investigation-discovery-wives-murder-polygamist Investigation Discovery is the leader in crime tv programming. [Image via TV Series Finale/Twitter]The Wives Did It Synopsis

For these needy women who want love, polygamist groups offer a seemingly comfortable life where women are taken care of by a magnetic cult leader who promises to give them a good life, but as they become more deeply rooted within the polygamist organization, they become entangled in a web of deceit, betrayal, and jealousy so deep that it threatens to destroy the lives of the sister wives and one unsuspecting victim of murder.

The Wives Did It will give a frightening portrayal of plural marriages turned murderous. It also exposes the belief system and the mind control that serves as a backdrop for many polygamous cults. Be sure to watch just how these charismatic leaders use their power and charm to get gullible love struck women to commit the grizzliest of murders.

Polygamy most often involves a man who marries more than one woman. It could also apply to a woman who has numerous husbands. Most polygamous relationships feature a religious component and a leader who establishes the rules of the home. Rules that are disobeyed or broken can result in punishment or banishment from the home. Many women have reported that they were not allowed to leave the group and had to escape on their own. Some sister wives have even been killed for trying to leave, such as in the case of Antoinetta McKoy and the Black Hebrew cult leader Peter Lucas Moses.

In that case, the wives were forced to engage in sexual escapades that included threesomes between the leader and two other wives. Antoinetta McKoy was killed and buried in a backyard for trying to escape. Several sister wives were ordered by Moses to kill her because she knew too much, according to ABC News.

In the first episode of The Wives Did It, #IDAddicts will get to know the case of Rulon Allred, a cult leader who was murdered by the wives of a rival cult in the 1970s. In the following weeks, The Wives Did It episodes will discuss the cases of Jesse Cummings and his two wives, Sherry and Juanita, as well as the case of Dustin Brian Hales and the murder of Christina Kathleen Cline.

ID’s The Wives Did It is produced by BriteSpark Films and entertains mature themes related to sex, violence, polygamy, cults, brainwashing, and murder in this sinister series.

Don’t miss the first episode of The Wives Did It, airing on Investigation Discovery every Friday starting tonight at 10/9 central. Below you’ll find an episode guide for the next two episodes. Read up on Inquisitr‘s recent coverage of Investigation Discovery’s show Barbara Walters Presents American Scandals and Killer Confessions.

the-wives-did-it-polygamous-polygamy-cults-tv-series-true-stories The Wives Did It is produced by BriteSpark Films. [Image via BriteSpark Films/Facebook]The Wives Did It-–Episode: Guns, Lies And Sister Wives will air on November 13

“Law-breaking polygamist Jesse Cummings marches to the beat of his own unorthodox drum, and that includes being married to two women – Sherry and Juanita – at the same time. Initially, Jesse is as charming as can be to his two wives and three kids. But his true colors soon emerge, and he transforms into a twisted, sex-crazed sociopath, hell-bent on total control and obedience in his kingdom. Jesse forces all three to sleep in one large bed – with Jesse in the middle and a sister-wife on each side. But when Jesse’s sister and her daughter witness the abuse he dishes out to his family, they become threats that must be eliminated.”

The Wives Did It—Episode: Deadly Threesome will air on November 20

“Dustin, Christina and Vicky are involved in a love triangle that at first is every polygamist’s fantasy. But when the bloodied body of a woman is found in Shubie Park, detectives are stumped. A top-secret undercover police investigation is launched to unmask the perpetrator of this violent crime. When it’s discovered that the victim was part of Dustin’s threesome, it becomes clear that romantic jealously can be very toxic indeed.”

[Image via BriteSpark Films/Facebook]