Jordan Flooded House Rescue: Dramatic Video Shows Man Saving Children From Submerged House In Jordan

A dramatic rescue from inside a flooded house was captured on video in the Middle Eastern nation of Jordan, showing a group of men risking their lives to knock out a window and save the children who were close to drowning inside.

The video hit the internet on Friday, showing a group of men desperately trying to find a way to knock out a window of the home as water surges out. Amid the screaming, one man climbs onto the window ledge but is knocked back down to the ground by the heavy water streaming out the window.

Dramatic video shows a rescue from a flooded house in Jordan
Image via YouTube

A second man then jumps onto the ledge but also falls, but a third quickly climbed on and, amid the rush of water, is able to gain his footing and begin knocking out the edges of the gated window with a hammer. After about 30 seconds, he is able to break through, and the water rushes out to the ground below, carrying what appears to be the bodies of four people who were desperately pressed against the window.

Video shows a dramatic rescue in Jordan
Image via YouTube

Video of the dramatic rescue from the flooded house can be seen below.

The video has topped more than 60,000 views in just a few hours and has now attracted international attention.

The dramatic rescue from the flooded house came after hours of heavy rain in Jordan, which has left many homes, tunnels, and roads flooded in the city of Amman.

Many people had to abandon their homes and cars to escape the floods.

“I take this tunnel every day. Within five or ten minutes, this whole area in the middle closed up, and water started seeping into the car, and my car stopped working,” local resident Hanan Ali told the International Business Times. “I tried to open the door and step out of the car, and more water rushed in.”

Others said they were taken by surprise by the flooding, which largely came after a torrential 40-minute downpour.

“We were asleep when the rain started to fall, and suddenly we found water in our home and in our neighbors’ homes. Our homes were flooded,” resident Mohammed Husban told the International Business Times.

A report from ITV News noted that close to 700 people had to be rescued from the fast rising waters. Two children also died when they were caught with no time to escape, the Jordan Times reported.

“The dead were a 12-year-old and 6-year old children of an Egyptian janitor for a building in Amman’s Arjan area, the Civil Defence Department (CDD) said.

“CDD divers retrieved the bodies of the children. The CDD said that its personnel and vehicles across Amman were dealing with the repercussions of the prevailing weather conditions since the morning, noting it had dealt with 500 incident of water pumping until noon.”

The flood hit in other ways, hitting more than 500 shots and warehouses in the capital city’s downtown area, with losses estimated at close to $4 million. The flooding also disrupted the University of Jordan, forcing classes to be canceled and exams to be postponed.

There is also uncertainty over whether the death toll might rise when the flood waters recede and places currently underwater are cleared out again.

Some people in the city blamed the local government for failure to be prepared for the disastrous weather and for its aging and crumbling infrastructure that could not withstand the water.

The nation has seen a week of unpredictable and violent weather, with an unseasonal sand storm the day before the flooding.

There was no word on the condition of the people rescued from the flooded house in Jordan.

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