Ariana Grande Stunned By Interview Questions About Unicorn Emojis, Taylor Swift, Ariel Winter Agree

Ariana Grande is one tough cookie, even when commentators are in attack mode. As People reports, on Monday Grande took to Twitter and Instagram to share what she thought of a body-shaming comment left by someone.

“Curves are sexy sticks aren’t.”

Ariana wrote a great response.

“Sigh… tweets, comments, statement like this are not okay. About anyone!!! We live in a day and age where people make it IMPOSSIBLE for women, men, anyone to embrace themselves exactly how they are. Diversity is sexy! Loving yourself is sexy!”

Ariana Grande posted a screenshot of the comment along with her entire response on Instagram.

That isn’t the only thing Ariana Grande had to deal with recently. This past weekend, she was interviewed on Los Angeles radio station Power 106. While she was there to discuss her new single “Focus,” the questions posed by male co-hosts Justin Credible and Eric D-Lux became very sexist, which frustrated the young musician.

One such question was whether she would choose her makeup or phone if she could only choose one of them to use one last time. As the Independent reported, Grande’s reply showed how stunned she was at such a question.

“Is this what men assume girls are having trouble choosing between?”

By the end of the interview, Ariana was completely done with the male co-hosts and Power 106.

“You need brushing up on equality… who says the unicorn emoji isn’t for men? Alright, I changed my mind. I don’t want to hang out at Power 106 anymore.”

Taylor Swift was quick and proud to lend Ariana Grande her support, posting the interview on her Tumblr account.

As for Ariel Winter (of Modern Family fame), the actress to whom Ariana Grande was compared, she tweeted her thanks to Grande for standing up for herself, Winter, and women and men everywhere.

Winter has gone through her own body image issues and, at the age of 17, underwent breast reduction surgery due to critiques on her physical appearance. Winter talked about it with Glamour, as reported on E! Online.

“The Internet bullies are awful. I could post a photo where I feel good, and 500 people will comment about how fat I am, and that I am disgusting. On [red carpets], I just said to myself, ‘You have to do your best to look confident and stand up tall, and make yourself look as good as you can in these photos,’ because everyone is going to see them.”

Now that Ariana Grande has the sexism and body-shaming behind her (at least for now), she can focus on her new releases. Hot on the heels of her single “Focus” – see the video below – has been her cover “Zero to Hero,” which she has recorded for Disney’s We Love Disney album.

As for “Focus,” Ariana Grande has already performed it live. Last Friday, she appeared on the Honda Stage to perform the song, as well as a few others.

She also sat down on stage and did a Q&A with the audience, revealing that the vocal cameo on the single is Jamie Foxx, as Billboard reported.

Ariana Grande appears to have herself together and has a good enough self-image to shoot down those who want to shoot her down. Fans have noted that it’s refreshing to see young women sticking up for themselves and for each other in a world in which it is becoming increasingly easy for people to spread their unwanted sexualized opinions around. Kudos to Ariana Grande!

[Photos by Joshua Blanchard, Ian Gavan / Getty Images]