Fail: fake iPhone price list claims one iPhone will come with fluffy bunnies

With near certainty a new iPhone will be launched at Apple's WWDC Conference in San Francisco Monday, and the lead up to the launch has (as usual) involved no shortage of speculation and so-called leaks.

Some of the leaked details will undoubtedly hold true, such as increased memory in new models, and video capture. But some leaks are not only far off the mark, they're purposely trying to take the piss.

Take for example the shot above from the Italian site SpazioCullulaire which supposedly shows a store inventory listing in Canada and is being reported by numerous sites as being real. We picked it up from The Next Web who described the shot as "believable." Look carefully at the second last item on the list.

"Apple iPhone Video iChat 64Gb/ Yellow W/Fluffy Bunnies"

The emphasis is mine, but it's the key: this list claims that an iPhone will come with Fluffy Bunnies. Some how we just don't think so. The option above fluffy bunnies claims that there will be an iPhone that is "Green with Flowers"..... yeah...ok... someone pass the bong. Still, in the event that I'm wrong come Monday, I guess I know what my next iPhone will have on it :-)