Amy Schumer Claims BFF Jennifer Lawrence Is A Great Writer, Says Her New Memoir Will Be ‘Heavy’

Amy Schumer is about to give fans a unique glimpse into her life. According to ET Online, the hit comedian has agreed to an $8 million deal to write her very first memoir. This news follows what has been a busy year of writing for Schumer, who is also working on a script for an upcoming movie with her best friend and actress Jennifer Lawrence.

Although the details concerning her new movie have been kept under the radar, Schumer recently admitted that she has greatly enjoyed working with Lawrence. In fact, according to Marie Claire, Schumer revealed that Lawrence is not only a great actress, but she also has some impressive skills as a writer.

“Jennifer is a great writer,” Schumer stated. “She doesn’t play by the rules. She can be out there in a really cool way where you thought that you understood a scene and then she’ll just kind of turn it. She’s great.”

Meanwhile, in regards to Schumer’s highly anticipated memoir, she recently promised fans that she had plenty of things in her life she hasn’t touched on yet. While fans can expect a lot of humor to be interjected in the memoir, Schumer also revealed that it has its fair share of serious moments.

“Believe it or not, there’s more to know,” Schumer told ET during the 2015 Britannia Awards. “It’s funny, there’s a lot of humor in it, but it’s also kind of heavy.”

Amy Schumer recently won an Emmy for her work on Inside Amy Schumer. [Photo By Kevin Winter/Getty Images]
Amy Schumer recently won an Emmy for her work on Inside Amy Schumer. [Photo By Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

Exactly what kinds of stories will be included in her memoir? Publisher’s Weekly has revealed that the memoir will be composed of a number of different essays. These essays will cover a wide range of topics regarding Schumer’s life, including her childhood, family, personal beliefs, and how she managed to make it big in Hollywood.

“People are going to know everything about me,” Schumer went on to admit during the award ceremony.

Amy Schumer was at the Britannia Awards in order to accept recognition for her success in comedy in what has proved to be an award heavy year for the actress/comedian. Although Schumer has certainly won a large share of awards this past year, the Trainwreck star stated that every award “feels very surreal.”

At the same time, Schumer remained humble in light of all of the success she has enjoyed this year.

“I think a mistake has been made, and they’re going to dump something on my head when I go up,” she added.

Clearly, this has been a big breakout year for Schumer, who doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. In fact, from her appearances on the big screen to her collaborations behind the camera with the likes of Lawrence, there are a lot of things the comedian has accomplished in this year alone. Whatever the future holds for Schumer, it might prove difficult for her top this past year.

Jennifer Lawrence has been busy promoting the final film in the Hunger Games franchise, Mockingjay - Part 2, with her costars Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hucherson. [Photo By Andreas Rentz/Getty Images]

With all of her recent accomplishments in mind, Schumer did reveal that her favorite thing she did this year was actually on TV.

“Hosting SNL was really a big deal for me,” she shared. “To get to have my whole family there and my friends, [and] then I was done with the show and we all just got to have a drink together. That was really exciting.”

Hopefully, more details concerning Schumer’s upcoming memoir will be soon be revealed. Additionally, it will be interesting to see how her project with Lawrence develops and what the two can manage to put together. Given both of their massive achievements in Hollywood over the years, there is little doubt that whatever they come up with will be entertaining.

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