‘Subway Jared’ Tapes On ‘Dr. Phil’ — 14-Year-Old Victim Comes Forward As Disturbing Jared Fogle Phone Calls In Child Sex Abuse Case Revealed [Video]

Dr. Phil has tackled the Jared Fogle child sex abuse scandal, and the interviews are disturbing, to say the least. One of the victims related to Fogle’s scandal has now come forward to speak with Dr. Phil, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Only 14-years-old when she says Jared’s friend Russell Taylor secretly taped her with hidden cameras, “Analissa” says that Taylor manipulated her. Russell was the man who headed up Jared’s charity for children and allegedly created child pornography for Jared to view. Now 16-years-old, Analissa described how Russell tried to convince her that they would have sex by the time she reached 16 years of age.


Claims that the FBI knew about Jared’s obsession with young children for years have been reported, as noted by the Inquisitr. As such, a woman named Rochelle Herman-Walrond, according to the Daily Mail, helped take down Fogle by taking matters into her own hands to nab the alleged child rapist. A former reporter, Herman-Walrond secretly recorded talks she had with Jared over four years in order to gather enough evidence against Fogle after contacting the FBI and wearing a wire.

The taped conversations were released, and the contents of the phone calls between Jared and Rochelle truly reveal a sick mind by the things that Fogle confessed. Jared, who is the father of two children, spoke of his attraction to children, both boys and girls, and even went so far as to ask Rochelle to hide cameras in the rooms of her own children in order to film them.


It was those tapes that convinced Analissa to come forward and speak about her own experiences related to the Fogle arrest case. In the meantime, horrid conversations displaying Fogle telling Herman-Walrond that they’d make a good team offers a sickening view into the mind of an alleged child porn addict. Rochelle said that her conversations with Jared made her soul feel dirty and that she’d have nightmares about their talks. Herman-Walrond had to engage in the conversations in a way that didn’t incriminate her or force Rochelle to talk about child porn in a way that was entrapment. However, she still had to make Jared feel free enough to confess the things he’d done to children. And Fogle definitely let loose with some sick confessions, such as the time Jared claimed he had a little boy and waxed nostalgic about how good it felt for Fogle.


Herman-Walrond told Dr. Phil she believed Jared was turned on during their conversations, and Rochelle said she had to act like a different person in order to stomach the sickness and get through the phone calls to gather enough evidence.

“Jared would ask you if you enjoyed some very disturbing acts. But you found a way to engage him and still avoid talking about children yourself. What are you thinking about while this is happening?

“I’m removing myself from who I am and embracing an imaginary person. I had to be two separate people in order to continue on with this investigation.”

“That was kind of phone sex for him,” she added.

Fogle could receive up to 12 and a half years in prison when Jared is sentenced on November 19. Jared’s charges include traveling to have illicit sexual conduct with a minor and child pornography charges affecting 13 children.

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