‘The Vampire Diaries’: Bonnie And [Spoiler’s] Relationship, Steroline’s Future, The X Scars, And More

Could one relationship be approaching a breaking point soon after it’s only just officially started in the present on The Vampire Diaries? And what’s going on with that new relationship revealed in the latest “three years from now” flashforward? The latest news out about Season 7 teases how Alaric will deal with the twist to the Phoenix Stone, the scars that have been popping up on multiple people, and more.

First things first: The latest Vampire Diaries flashforward offered a look at what Bonnie’s up to in three years, and she’s in a support group.

“I made a mistake,” she admitted. “I lost someone I loved, and I’d do anything to take it back, but I can’t. All I can do is try and find a way to live with it.”

That raised the question of who she lost. (Anyone starting to worry about Matt since he has yet to be seen in the future, or is it possible he’s just managed to untangle himself from all this drama? Or maybe “lost” doesn’t mean the person has died? Anything is possible.) But that wasn’t the most surprising moment of her flashforward. That title goes to her future love interest, who is none other than Enzo, and those two are not getting along in the present.

Bonnie's future has been revealed in The Vampire Diaries season 7. [Image via the CW]

In fact, in the present, the two were on opposite sides when it came to what to do with the Phoenix Stone, with Enzo choosing to get it for Lily, despite the fact that she wanted it to bring back her dead ex, something Bonnie thought he would have been against, considering his feelings for the Salvatore mother. So how did that lead to the two of them getting together in the future? Writing for Entertainment Weekly on the episode, executive producer Julie Plec explained that it was something they came up with going back to Season 6.

“The idea to put Bonnie and Enzo together in the flash-forwards was born out of their scene last season at the door of the Salvatore House where she calls him a ‘ruiner.’ They had such a fun spark and good energy together, we thought it would be an interesting dynamic to explore.”

As TVLine has reported, executive producer Caroline Dries said, “You’re supposed to be like, ‘Wait, how did they get to there?'” when you see them together, and “hopefully, it created enough intrigue to keep [fans] guessing.”

So far, every glimpse into what’s going on three years from now on The Vampire Diaries has left fans with more questions than answers. How did Bonnie and Enzo get together? Who did Bonnie lose? Why did Damon, who has decided to turn over a new leaf in the present, not want to be woken up until Elena was back? How did Stefan get that scar? How does Alaric have kids? Why does Caroline not want to even hear Stefan’s name?

Speaking of Stefan and Caroline, those two just got together officially after managing to get the spell that prevented them from touching siphoned off of her, and while they may have woken up together happy at the start of the episode, by the end of it, he had cancelled their date and didn’t tell her everything he learned from Valerie – namely that she had been pregnant and what Julian did to her. Is that just because Valerie was there, or is this just the beginning of trouble in their relationship? According to Dries, Stefan’s past with Valerie is not going to make things easy for “Steroline” forward.

“It will start to make [Caroline] feel insecure about where she stands with him. She’s not an insecure character, [but] these little things keep chipping away at her. … Stefan will struggle with how to b a good guy to validate his relationship with Valerie and also feel like he’s not leaving Caroline in the dust.”

Another relationship currently suffering in The Vampire Diaries Season 7 is Alaric and Jo’s, namely because Jo is not Jo. It turns out that the Phoenix Stone is a holding cell for vampire souls, so when Bonnie brought “Jo” back to life, she really just put one of those souls in her body. Once Alaric found that out, however, he didn’t turn his back on her and instead told her he’d help her figure out who she is. Moving forward, it’s not going to be quite so easy for Alaric, since she does look like his dead wife, but she isn’t her. But here is some good news – for fans, at least – about Alaric: There’s going to be “some pretty good info,” according to Dries, about his future daughters at the beginning of Episode 6.

Something else going on in the present and future is the X-shaped scars seen on both Beau and Stefan. In the future, when Stefan’s opens up, he knows that “she” is back, and that prompts him to wake Damon, and he prepares to call Tyler to warn Caroline.

“Right when you think you understand how Stefan got his in the future, you’re going to be thrown for a loop,” Dries teased. “It will be a recurring theme throughout the rest of the season.”

Beau the heretic in The Vampire Diaries season 7. [Image via the CW]

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[Image via the CW]