'General Hospital' Promises Huge Fallout When Jason Morgan Is Finally Revealed

Today is the day that all General Hospital fans have been waiting for. The big Jason Morgan reveal is finally happening, and the fallout from this lie will as be devastating as the ABC daytime drama promises. On Thursday's episode, Elizabeth is about ready to have her fairytale wedding to Jake Doe, aka Jason Morgan, but her lies are finally catching up to her. Jake will finally find out who he really is.

Now that Carly Corinthos has found out the secret, the focus is now on her reuniting with her best friend that she thought had died years ago. This all happens before Jason says "I do" with Elizabeth, as seen in the previews that General Hospital posted. Carly went missing after her car accident while she was on her way to find Jason, but he instead found her.

This scene keeps the history of the friendship between Carly and Jason right on queue, as he has always come through for her, just as he does for Sonny. Many General Hospital fans might have expected Sam to find out first that her husband is alive, but the writers went with his best friend instead.

However, Sam will find out that Jason Morgan is not dead when he finally makes it to the wedding to let his bride-to-be and everyone else know his true identity. Patrick Drake will feel the fallout heavily, as his relationship with Sam is on the line now that her first husband is alive. There have been rumors that those two have already gotten hitched in a secret ceremony, as Celebrity Dirty Laundry pointed out, but those are just rumors floating around for now.

Friday's episode is expected to be quite emotional. The scenes between Carly and Jason may have fans shedding a tear or two. It may be even more of a tear-jerker when Sam Morgan finds out the truth.

What about Elizabeth? She has known for months that she is marrying Jason Morgan, not Jake Doe, and the fallout for her will be losing the man that she has loved for years. She may just be the most hated character on General Hospital right now.

Rumors have been swirling lately that even though Jason finds out the truth, he will not remember his life with Sam and will end up choosing Elizabeth. Even if this happens, it will most likely be temporary, as Jason and Sam are expected to reunite sometime in the future.

The fallout will also be huge for Nikolas Cassadine, who has also known the truth for a while. The previews have shown that Jason goes after Nik at the wedding. He will join Elizabeth as the most hated person in Port Charles once everyone finds out that he kept the truth from his cousin Sam. Laura did try to warn her son that someone else may end up finding out and spills the secret. She was certainly right about that.

What about the five kids who will definitely be affected by these lies once they are revealed? Emma Drake told her daddy that she feared something will happen to make Sam go away, just like it did with Sabrina. It looks like she may be losing yet another potential mommy. Little Danny will get his real daddy back, but he will now lose Patrick and Emma.

There are also Elizabeth's three boys, who are expecting to have Jake Doe as their new dad. They are quite excited about the wedding. However, little Jake overheard his mom telling Laura that Jake is actually his real daddy. Little Jake may just be the one who tells Jason that Elizabeth knew the truth all along.

The stage is set for the big Jason Morgan reveal. Friday and Monday are the days that the truth is to be exposed on General Hospital. Will Jason still marry Elizabeth? Will he remember his life with Sam?

Are you surprised that the writers chose Carly to be the one who tells Jason the truth?

[Photo by John Sciulli/Getty Images for NATAS]