Madonna Moons Audience In Rome

Madonna isn’t afraid of showing off her assets, from showing off her right breast at an Istanbul concert to mooning the crowd at last night’s concert in Rome.

The 53-year old singer performed both stunts during the song “Human Nature,” first performing a small strip tease, before turning around and slipping down her pants, showing audiences her backside, barely covered by a black lace thong.

MSNBC reports that after her intentional wardrobe malfunction last week in Istanbul, the icon was criticized. Donny Deutsch recently complained on TODAY that:

“What works for a 22-year-old woman or a man is not appropriate, very often, for a 53-year-old.”

Dr. Nancy Snyderman agreed, commenting, “Not special. Not a special breast, not worth doing.” One can only wonder if she is now saying, “Not a special ass.”

Controversy is not new to Madonna, who has been stirring it up for more than 28 years. Celebuzz notes that other “jaw-dropping moments” include burning crosses and kissing Britney Spears at the 2003 Video Music Awards (remember that one?)

Along with showing off her breast and backside, Madonna’s MDNA has also seen controversy when she included an image of the French National Front leader Marine Le Pen with a swastika on her forehead during the “Nobody Knows Me” video interlude. MTV notes that:

“Le Pen has threatened legal action if Madonna includes the image in either of her MDNA Tour shows in France, which are set for the country’s national stadium, the Stade de France, in Paris on July 14 and at Nice’s Stade Charles-Ehrmann on August 21.”

What do you think of Madonna, 53, showing off her ass to the crowd in Rome?