WWE News: WWE Superstar Randy Orton Able To Come Back In Time For ‘WrestleMania 32’

WWE Superstar Randy Orton is known for having issues with his shoulders, as they happen to be hypermobile, which is not good for him since it means they go in and out of place quite often. They drift too far to the back, and that ends up causing issues with the surrounding areas. While this has not been a hindrance to his WWE career overall, he has missed time before due to them and has to ice them after every match.

It should come as no surprise that eventually a serious injury would come about involving them. Randy Orton injured his shoulder taking out the trash weeks back, and while that seemed like an innocent action, injuries can happen at any point. Many fans believe he was holding on by a thread with them at the time, so it was not just this action that caused the problem.

According to the Wrestling Observer, Orton will most likely undergo surgery very soon to fix a Bankart lesion in his shoulder, stretched ligaments, and a partially torn rotator cuff. He will also most likely get some help for the hypermobile problem that has plagued him. When the MRI revealed these injuries, fans were upset, but the fact that the injuries can heal quicker than an ACL injury makes Orton fans happier.

Orton live event champ
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There was hope that Orton could heal on his own without surgery, but that is taking a huge risk that could end up costing him later on. The surgery concept is not only seen as possible, but it’s almost a guarantee at this point.

He was speculated to be out approximately four to six months, which made many assume he’d miss WrestleMania 32 as a result. Thankfully, if he has surgery soon, he would be able to return to action just in time for WrestleMania, which happens to be five months away.

Orton may have a lot of injuries, but all of them can be taken care of and heal up sooner rather than later if surgery is done quickly. Fans believed he might re-enter a program with Seth Rollins or Kane after coming back, but there are some who speculated that he would go after The Wyatt Family, who easily could be framed for taking Randy out of action.

With Rollins out and the Kane concept not selling well, the Wyatt Family could be up to bat for Orton. The problem with this is that Bray Wyatt may very well face The Undertaker once more at WrestleMania 32, which would force Orton to face other members of the family. This could result in him and a few others working in a six-man tag team match, which would be perfect for Orton in his comeback.

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Since Randy Orton would be coming off of an injury, it would make sense for him to be a surprise addition to two guys going after the three Wyatt “brothers” at WrestleMania. We can probably assume that WWE does not want to have Orton come back for a singles match right away due to him just recovering from serious injuries. However, with this being WrestleMania 32 and WWE wanting to make it the biggest show yet, that could very well occur just to sell people on a match involving The Viper.

Randy Orton is one of the top names in WWE right now, and he comes from the time WWE was removing itself from the Attitude Era. People seem to love him, but he has been hurt a lot. This is why he has asked WWE for a lighter schedule, and it appears that they have granted that to him. It is thought that he may do fewer live events in a week and eventually end up with a deal like Shawn Michaels, where he’s on fully for six to seven months of the year and off for the rest of the year.

Due to his injured past and the fact that WWE wants to get the most out of him that they can, it looks like they are willing to work with Randy Orton on it. Despite being in WWE for around 13 years now, he is only 35-years-old. WWE could get a good 10 years out of him if they used him properly. WWE knows this, so we might see less of Orton over the years, but he’ll be used in major ways when he does return.

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