WWE News: WWE Already Making Calls To ‘Major Names’ Due To Seth Rollins Injury

It seems WWE has entered yet another dark time in 2015 as the injury bug has continued to hit the company in waves that cannot be matched by most any other time in WWE history. WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins had to vacate his title this past Thursday when it was found that he had an ACL, MCL, and menial meniscus injury which will keep him out six to nine months. Due to surgery most likely needing to happen, most are leaning toward eight months at this point for Rollins.

There are several possible contenders that WWE might go with for the championship, so although Roman Reigns seems to be the favorite for now, that could change. According to Cageside Seats, WWE has started to call a lot of people with a name to come back and help with the loss of Seth Rollins. Many believe people like Rob Van Dam and Chris Jericho could come back due to this, but the biggest name being rumored is Daniel Bryan,

The reasoning for Daniel Bryan is because he has been cleared to return for months, but WWE has been playing hardball mostly due to its concussion lawsuit. WWE probably knows that Bryan is good to go, but they’re playing it safe so that they can avoid an issue during the lawsuit and hopefully have it thrown out as a past issue with people outside the WWE. If a person has a concussion during the lawsuit, that could really hurt them financially as the lawsuit calls for millions of dollars to help past talent.

Bryan WM30
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That said, WWE is now in a desperate time, and they are willing to bring in anyone that they can get to help. Bryan was rumored to return closer to the first of the year, but with Seth Rollins going down, it makes sense for him to come back sooner rather than later. Jericho and RVD might not come back simply due to their schedules.

However, Bryan is not busy, and he’s under contract. On top of this, he has wanted to come back for months and has said as much in every single interview he has done this year.

Bryan had a meeting a while back with Triple H and Vince McMahon where the three of them agreed that whatever a third doctor said about Bryan’s injury would be what they went with. Bryan had previously been cleared by an outside doctor, but WWE’s neurologist didn’t feel comfortable with clearing him. WWE is using a third party so that they can get a good opinion on the matter and avoid issues both for their company and Bryan’s health overall.

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It is said that Bryan is probably cleared but just waiting to return at the right time. That time might be now. Another name that could make his return early is Brock Lesnar. WWE planned to have him back at the first of the year, but all Vince has to do is offer Lesnar more money to make television and he’ll do it. Brock is a businessman, of course.

WWE probably did not call the likes of Batista, as he is busy with various projects such as promoting the new James Bond film, Spectre. On top of this, he is working on the remake to Kickboxer. The Rock may have been called, but it is doubtful he could come back at this point as he, like Batista, has some projects he is working on. WWE may be able to get him in for television promos however. We shouldn’t count him out for those at any time, as he can make a flight for television just to talk. Wrestling can be the real issue, as he could get hurt doing that.

It is said that we should not totally count out anyone from the WWE past due to the desperate nature the company is in. However, we probably can rule out CM Punk. Don’t get your hopes up for “Cult of Personality” to play.

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