‘Reality Steve’s’ ‘Bachelor’ Spoilers Reveal Season Finale Location, Ben Higgins Final Two Picks

The Bachelor fans will soon be putting blogger Reality Steve’s spoilers to the test when Ben Higgins’ season premieres in January 2016. With filming for the final rose ceremony less than two weeks away, viewers can’t wait to find out where the season finale takes place and who Ben’s final two picks are. Here are the latest spoilers and information about what the show’s producer, Mike Fleiss, says will be “the most romantic season” in the history of the show.

Last season, Bachelor Chris Soules dumped Becca Tilley and proposed to Whitney Bischoff in a barn located on his family’s farm in Arlington, Iowa. However, rumors indicate that Ben won’t be heading to his hometown of Warsaw, Indiana, to propose. Instead, he will give out his final rose in a very romantic destination outside of the U.S.

According to the Ink Free News, Ben visited Warsaw with six of the 28 contestants last week, right before he picked his final four girls for the hometown dates, so the finale will not be filmed there. Instead, Reality Steve states that the finale rose ceremony will take place on November 18 in Greece.

Not only will this location make for a beautiful backdrop for a romantic proposal, Steve points out that because it’s so far away, it’s less likely photos of the final two girls will leak out on social media.

“Chances are in a country that far away, unless there happens to be some American tourists there who recognize Ben, not many people in Greece would even realize what the h**l is being filmed if they see them out.”

In the past 19 seasons of the Bachelor, except for Chris Soules’ season, the finale has been filmed in some of the most romantic destinations in the world. Several locations stand out on WetPaint’s list of finale locations, including the Bay of Islands, New Zealand (Jason Mesnick, Season 16), Cape Town, South Africa (Brad Womack, Season 15), Zermatt, Switzerland (Ben Flajnick, Season 16), and Chiang Rai, Thailand (Sean Lowe, Season 17).

Spoilers have been plentiful this season, with Ben spotted stepping out in public with some of his ladies in Las Vegas, Mexico City, the Bahamas, Warsaw, and during some of his hometown dates that were filmed over the past week. Although Reality Steve claims that he will have season-ender spoilers after filming wraps on November 18, there is no doubt that Bachelor producers are going to try to keep the ending a secret.

For now, there is just speculation about who the final three girls are and who Ben’s final pick will be. Spoilers indicate that Caila Quinn, Amanda Stanton, JoJo Fletcher, and Lauren Bushnell all made it to the hometown dates. The rose ceremony after the hometowns reportedly took place on Wednesday, November 4, with spoilers indicating that Ben sent Amanda home.

Ben and his final three (JoJo, Caila, and Lauren) jetted off to their final destination on Thursday. Filming for overnights will start on Saturday and will continue through Wednesday, November 11.

Although the final rose ceremony won’t be taped until November 18, Steve predicts that Lauren will be chosen by Ben and receive a giant Neil Lane ring. WetPaint reports that Lauren is from Portland, Oregon, but currently lives in Los Angeles where she works as a flight attendant for Alaska Airlines.

“This season has essentially been over since about halfway through. Ben has been pretty clear about wanting Lauren [Bushnell] in the end, so much so that it’s apparently become obvious to the rest of the group… they’ve all kinda seen the writing on the wall from what I hear.”

To find out if the predictions and spoilers come true, tune into the 20th season of ABC’s The Bachelor when it premieres on January 4, 2016.

[Image via ABC Television Network]