Urinating On The Alamo Cenotaph: Ozzy Osbourne Offers Apology, Again

Scott Hough

In 2003, more than twenty years after the legendary event actually took place, Texas was still buzzing and reporters were still digging about the time that Ozzy Osbourne urinated on the Spirit of Sacrifice, the Alamo Cenotaph across the street from the Alamo itself, in 1982, as recorded by the Boston Herald.

The rumor that reportedly circulates is that Ozzy urinated on the Alamo itself.

"It's just not true," said an anonymous guide from the Alamo historical site. "If he had, the police wouldn't have arrested him. They would have beaten him to within an inch of his life."

As many as 257 Texans gave their lives, rather than surrender, at the Alamo, to the Mexican army in 1836. More than 2.5 million visitors visit the site each year.

The story relayed by the Alamo guide was that Ozzy was stuck at the Alamo with band members after a show and he really had to go to the washroom. He tried to get them to leave, but they wouldn't listen to him. He couldn't hold it any longer and went at the Alamo Cenotaph, across the street from the Alamo itself.

Because he was drunk, and urinating in public is a crime, Ozzy was charged with public intoxication. However, at the time, he was reported to feel "terrible about it."

In 1992, Ozzy was reported to play in San Antonio again and voluntarily donate $10,000 to "Daughters of the Republic of Texas -- caretakers of the Alamo, the Texas shrine that Osbourne is accused of defiling 10 years ago."

Ozzy was reportedly back in San Antonio today, to apologize for a second time, as part of a "show for the History Channel" that Ozzy is filming with his son Jack, according to ABC.

Large crowds of fans were reportedly on-hand to see Osbourne as he visited to the Alamo to offer his apologies.

In 1992, Ozzy displayed true regret for the incident.

"We all have done things in our lives that we regret. I am deeply honored that the people of San Antonio have found it in their hearts to have me back. I hope that this donation will show that I have grown up."

In addition to urinating on the Alamo and producing hard rock for decades, Ozzy Osbourne is noted for biting the head off of a bat onstage, at a concert, as reported by the Guardian. Reports that he bit the heads off of two birds during a meeting with record company executives circulate as well. Ozzy Osbourne was also rumored to have snorted ants with Motley Crue's Nikki Sixx.

After his 1992 apology and performance, Ozzy Osbourne reportedly went back to San Antonio in 1995 and 2003, and in 2013, Osbourne was featured on a Fiesta Medal that was produced in the city, according to USA Today. The medals were reportedly sold out within the first 48 hours of being available online, according to the executive director of Artpace, Amanda Cruz.

The news that Ozzy was returning to the Alamo was said to be first made public by San Antonio Councillor Roberto Trevino, who detailed the rocker's impending visit during a city meeting. Reportedly, Trevino and Osbourne were hoping to keep the visit low-key.

"Osbourne laid both the musical and aesthetic groundwork for the heavy-metal movement in modern rock and roll," reports Biography.

[Feature Photo by Tristan Fewings/Getty Images for MTV]