Miranda Lambert Reacts To Blake Shelton And Gwen Stefani Dating News? It Was ‘A Bit Hard To Digest’

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton announced they were divorcing after four years of marriage this past July, and on Wednesday night, Shelton’s romance with his co-star on The Voice, Gwen Stefani, was confirmed.

Although the news of Shelton’s relationship with Stefani wasn’t completely shocking, mainly due to weeks of rumors proceeding the news, as well as a photo of the pair in a compromising position, the timing was said to be a bit difficult for Miranda Lambert, and understandably so. Just hours after the news was confirmed by Stefani’s rep, both Miranda Lambert and her ex, Shelton, attended the Country Music Awards in Nashville.

“[Miranda Lambert] tried to seem happy, but you could tell she was hurting,” an eyewitness at Wednesday’s CMA Awards told Entertainment Tonight on November 5. “It was a great night for [Miranda Lambert] because she won an award, but still hard for her.”

“When complimented on her dress,” the source continued to Entertainment Tonight, “her stylist said, ‘See! It is your revenge dress,’ and [Miranda Lambert] responded, ‘Absolutely!'”

Also on November 5, a source told E! News that Shelton and Stefani’s romance news was “a bit hard to digest” for Miranda Lambert, but claimed she was “making the most of single life and her success,” and during the show, the 31-year-old singer took home the award for Female Vocalist of the Year.

“[Miranda Lambert] was so happy to win. It lit up her night!”

However, according to E! News, it “was a bit uncomfortable” for Miranda Lambert when the CMA co-hosts, Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley, were “poking fun of her and Blake.” Miranda Lambert “had a blast” at the CMAs, and as E! News reported, she’s moved on from Shelton and “excited to start the next chapter in her life.”

“[Miranda Lambert] is single now and talking to a few people… [she’s] just having fun and not taking anything too seriously!”

According to a third report, via Hollywood Life, Miranda Lambert was said to be more upset than the previous sources noted. While Miranda Lambert may not have been openly sobbing as she received her award, she did mention her rocky year, and she was likely speaking of her divorce from Shelton.

“[Miranda Lambert] doesn’t understand why they had to make things official that night, it should have been her biggest night but all she could think about was Blake being with Gwen,” a source revealed to the site. “It was so insensitive, she was with this guy for almost a decade, and this is how he treats her!”

Shelton and Stefani’s timing was certainly a bit suspicious. While the pair could have confirmed their romance earlier, or perhaps another night, their announcement was made less than two hours before the Country Music Awards began.

According to Hollywood Life‘s source, Miranda Lambert was shocked that Shelton would be so insensitive after all they’ve been through together. That said, she was excited to get back in the studio and channel her heartache into new music.

Stefani announced her divorce from her husband Gavin Rossdale in August of this year, just one month after Miranda Lambert and Shelton called it quits. Then, in October, their split was finalized, and rumors began swirling, claiming Shelton and Stefani were dating.

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