Marvel’s Deadpool Character Revamp Previewed By ‘Marvel Heroes’ Developers

With several video game appearances under his belt and a new movie starring Ryan Reynolds coming out in February, Deadpool is no stranger to breaking the fourth wall in several forms of media. Marvel’s popular antihero is in a number of video games including one simply called Deadpool, released in 2013 and many others. Ongoing titles developed by Gazillion Entertainment continue to support the playable Deadpool, and the action RPG Marvel Heroes is revamping the character soon.

Although he is playable in Marvel Heroes right now, he is the last character to receive a 52 review bringing him up to snuff with the other 50 or so playable characters. These reviews drastically change a hero’s available powers, move their ultimate ability unlock to level 52, and generally make the character much stronger. New heroes are designed around a level 52 ultimate, but previously released heroes needed to be remodeled over time. Deadpool is the last character from the antiquated list of heroes in need of a 52 review. With that in mind, Marvel Heroes developers give a first look at Deadpool’s new abilities, his new mechanic, and some of his new assets in a preview post on the official forums.

Marvel Heroes A few of Deadpool’s costumes in Marvel Heroes [Image via Gazillion Entertainment]Many of the abilities Deadpool has access to now will be improved, moved, or changed when his review goes live. After the review, Deadpool will no longer use spirit, he will have access to the solution, and his passives will be consolidated or rearranged for better access. His God Mode passive will be very different from what it is right now. Players will be able to choose the Multiplayer feature for the ability to call in extra Deadpool characters to fight alongside him, for example. His current ultimate ability, unlocked at level 30, will now be Deadpool’s signature ability. Server Lag lets Deadpool break the fourth wall, in true video game style, as he lags out enemies making them run in place.

With Server Lag his signature instead of his ultimate, a new ultimate is planned. Marvel Heroes developers revealed that Deadpoolnado will become Deadpool’s signature letting him spin with a wonderful fury while shooting all of the guns, slicing all of the foes, and unleashing a number of other odd items from the Deadpoolnado. Rubber chickens, boomerang arrows, pumpkin bombs, Hulkbuster squirrels, and much more will fling from the ‘nado, too.

Marvel Heroes The in-game store interface featuring Deadpool costumes [Image via Gazillion Entertainment]The action RPG is growing rapidly with a large roster of playable heroes, team-ups to summon, modes to master, and much more. Deadpool’s review is a big deal to Deadpool, but the next new hero is pretty noteworthy, too. Magik will be playable sometime in November if everything goes according to schedule. Be sure to check out her preview on the official Marvel Heroes forums as well. She will be able wield a sword, summon Limbo creatures, and access some seriously dark magic.

New heroes are only part of the game’s Marvel goodness. In 2016, the game will begin to expand with a number of new features including a Thanos raid, a new Skrull story chapter, and plenty of All New, All Different content. Not to mention, the game is getting controller support, visual upgrades, and even leaderboards. Some of these new features are likely to show up starting in December, as reported by the Inquisitr. There is even a brief look at the controller support on the game’s hotbar in the Deadpool review.

Deadpool fans will be able to enjoy the charming “Merc with a Mouth” on the big screen on when Deadpool releases in theaters on February 12, 2016, according to IMDB. The update to the character in Marvel Heroes will hopefully come before that; however, developers have not stated when the 52 review will be available for the character.

[Images via Gazillion Entertainment]