‘Sons Of Anarchy’ The Ride? Charlie Hunnam’s Bloody Biker Show Reportedly A Ride At Fox Theme Park In Dubai

In an interesting new development, Sons of Anarchy is making its way to the world of theme parks. According to Entertainment Weekly, 20th Century Fox is apparently planning to open a Sons of Anarchy ride at their new theme park in Dubai. With the ride joining other attractions, including Planet of the Apes, Night at the Museum, Titanic, Aliens, Ice Age, and The Simpsons, what can fans expect the SOA ride to entail?

According to Yahoo TV, the new park will feature multiple lands and attractions based on the aforementioned movies and television series. This is expected to include a variety of media-influenced rides and thrills that will help broaden the world of these brands and build on past storylines.

That means fans can expect to see an assortment of rides, a retail street that includes franchise shopping and dining, and a first-rate hotel complete with appropriate themes. Although this list a general idea as to what types of entertainment will be included at the park, it does not really reveal much about what kinds of SOA rides will be included. With that in mind, there are a few rides that most fans would appreciate being included at the park.

Charlie Hunnam starred as Jax Teller on 'Sons of Anarchy' for seven seasons. [Image via Sons of Anarchy Instagram]

For starters, it would be great to see a Charlie Hunnam-inspired Harley ride where fans could have the opportunity to ride along and feel like they are a part of the biker gang. This could entail a media-based ride where people go through some of the hardships that were featured on the show, like escaping other MCs and the Irish mob and, of course, evading the police. That being said, they would likely have to tone down the violence a bit in order to make it more family-friendly.

In addition to all of the possibilities for rides, it would also be great to see a dining experience based on the show. There are a number of options the theme park could explore in that vein, including a room that mirrored Gemma’s house, or maybe even the clubhouse, which would have to include at least one version of the Reaper table.

Sons of Anarchy fans may be able to sit at the Reaper table just like Jax Teller. [Image via FX]
Sons of Anarchy fans may be able to sit at the Reaper table just like Jax Teller. [Image via FX]

Another great possibility would be a Sons of Anarchy-inspired spa. Naturally, every theme park needs a spa, but this one would definitely need to incorporate a rose garden. It would also as a way for the park to feature something from SOA that wasn’t completely filled with violence.

Meanwhile, there will undoubtedly be a lot of SOA merchandise available at the park for fans to enjoy. While the park is sure to feature a number of popular items inspired by the hit biker series, it would be unfortunate if they did not include a set of Nero’s cardigans. However, they should probably steer clear of carving knives.

Speaking of character clothing, it would be nice if the park had a dress-up station where people could get into biker gear and take photos. Not only would this allow people to dress up like their favorite characters, complete with their own cuts and tattoos, but it also another opportunity for the park to include a few bikes on premises.

Lastly, it would be easy for the park to incorporate more of a SOA vibe by replacing all of the benches in the park with bikes. In fact, they could even take this a step further and instead of having a traditional train running through the park, they could swap it out with a few bikes.

Whatever the park ends up including, it is sure to be a hit with SOA fans everywhere. The new 20th Century Fox theme park is set to open sometime in 2018.

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[Image via FX]