‘The Bachelor’ 2016 Spoilers: Ben Higgins’ Final 3 Girls Revealed

Ben Higgins of The Bachelor 2016 is still filming his season, but Reality Steve is already sharing all of the spoilers for the upcoming season. Steve went to his blog to explain the final 3 and how Ben is almost done filming his season of the show. Steve has heard that they may still head to Greece during the season, but he can’t confirm that for sure. Ben is down to just 3 girls, and will be taking them on overnight dates. The final rose ceremony will be filmed on November 18, so Ben hasn’t even made his final choice just yet.

It turns out that Amanda Stanton was sent home, meaning she made the final 4, but not the final 3 of the show. That leaves Ben Higgins with just 3 girls left who are trying to win his heart. These girls are Caila Quinn, Lauren Bushnell, and JoJo Fletcher. Steve had already shared that Ben Higgins sent Becca Tilley home before the final 4. One of these girls could end up the future Mrs. Ben Higgins if things work out for them.

Steve went on to explain even more than that, though. He really feels like JoJo Fletcher will be the next one sent home by Ben Higgins. This would leave Caila Quinn and Lauren Bushnell as the final 2 on the The Bachelor 2016. Steve also really feels like Lauren Bushnell will be the one that Ben Higgins picks in the end. Ben has been really into her since about halfway through filming, and she is a huge favorite for him.

Realty Today shared a few more spoilers about what is going to happen on Ben Higgins season of the show. Ben took his final six girls to his hometown in Warsaw, Indiana, and they got to see an area close to Ben’s heart. One girl that got a hometown date was Amanda Stanton, where Ben met her 2 girls, Kinsley and Charlie. It wasn’t long after this that Ben Higgins sent her home, but nobody knows yet what his reason was behind sending her home.

Ben Higgins met Caila Quinn’s family, and they filmed their date at Western Reserve Academy in Hudson, Ohio, where she attended high school. JoJo Fletcher’s hometown date was filmed in Dallas, where she is from, and Higgins had dinner with her family. Ben’s last hometown date was the one with Lauren Bushnell, which was filmed in Portland, Oregon. Obviously things went well for Ben with Lauren, Caila, and JoJo.

Higgins hasn’t filmed the fantasy suite dates yet, but viewers can’t wait to hear if Ben actually stays with all 3 girls or if some of them are just not quite ready to take it to the next level. These dates where they get time away from the camera always reveal a lot of real feelings.

Reality Steve is usually right on his spoilers. At this time, Steve is not confirming that Ben Higgins will pick Lauren Bushnell in the end, but he does feel like she is a favorite. Viewers would love to get to see a real love story this season and watch Ben Higgins fall in love, finding the woman that he will spend the rest of his life with when this entire show is over. The spoilers will be out before the show ever even airs the first episode on ABC if Steve does things the way he has in the past.

Do you think that Lauren Bushnell will be the one who Ben Higgins will pick in the end? Are you shocked to hear that Becca Tilley didn’t make the final 3? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts and don’t miss The Bachelor 2016 when it starts to air in January of 2016 on ABC.

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