Michael Lohan Speaks Out On Losing Custody of Kids, Bashes Kate Major

Michael Lohan is now speaking out about losing custody of his 2 young children. Radar Online shared that Michael is totally blaming Kate Majors for this one. Social workers in Florida actually took his 2 children with Kate Majors away. Lindsay Lohan’s father isn’t taking the blame for this happening, though. Reports are that the kids were taken away after authorities saw a video. This video showed Michael Lohan and Kate Majors fighting, and it all went down in front of their 2 children. Their kids are 2-year-old Landon and 10-month-old Logan.

So Michael Lohan’s kids actually ended up in foster care until Michael’s mom could fly down and take in the children. Michael’s mother is the one that is taking care of them now. Michael is now speaking out, and he feels like he is being punished for Kate’s actions and he is not okay with it at all. Lohan explained the events over the past few months in his own words.

“What’s wrong with this picture? Kate went to jail for DWI and Michael raised Landon on his own for 8 months. Kate gets out of jail, gives birth to Logan, relapsed on alcohol, assaults Michael, Kate goes to rehab, Michael raises Landon and Logan on his own and has full custody. The court makes Kate live separately and have supervised visitation. [Kate] gets out of rehab, relapses on alcohol and goes into detox.”

Michael Lohan is saying the fight was verbal, and happened after he took his kids to the water park and then came back home to find Kate waiting on them. Lohan shared that Kate was intoxicated. Michael Lohan said that the kids were being taken care of fine by him, but that the officials thought he wasn’t protecting them by allowing Kate into the home intoxicated and then having a verbal fight with her. Lohan also made sure to point out that he has made $240,000 over the last few years, and Kate has not made any money. Lohan also has other children with ex-wife, Dina.


Back in April, Kate Majors was arrested for allegedly assaulting Michael Lohan. TMZ shared that at the time, Michael called Boca Raton police and said that Kate had struck him. Michael shared that Kate came home after getting dinner, and had obviously been drinking. They started to argue, and Michael ended up with scratches down his back, but he was not wearing a shirt at the time. Kate had accused Michael of cheating, and she did admit to officers that she had been drinking. At the time, Michael tried to blame part of the problem on his ex, Dina. They have had their own share of custody battles and issues over the years.

“At the end of the day, this is all because of what Dina is doing in court… It affects Kate too, and like anyone with a drug or alcohol problem, when they can’t handle the stress, they resort to drinking.”

Kate Major has been in trouble with the law more than once. Now, Michael Lohan is saying that she is the reason that their two children were taken away. At least they are not in foster care now, and instead are with his mother being taken care of right now. There is no word on when or if Michael Lohan and Kate Majors will be getting their children back.

Are you shocked to hear that Michael Lohan is blaming Kate Majors on their kids being taken away? Do you feel like it was all her fault? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts and hopefully updates will come soon explaining how the children are doing.

[Photo by John W. Ferguson / Getty Images]