Spencer Pratt Says Heidi’s a Virgin, Most Likely Lies

It’s times like these when I consider every word coming out of Spencer Pratt’s mouth to be a lie: he’s been with Hills cohort Heidi Montag forever and now he’s claiming she’s a virgin. Contact Music reports:

“He told [Ryan Seacrest], ‘She’s still a virgin… We don’t sin over here,’ adding that he and Montag place pillows between them in bed at night – to help them fight temptation. The reality TV star went on to state his girlfriend is so religious, she’s considering recording a Christian album for a quickie interview.”

Soon after, Hollyscoop found footage of Heidi talking pregnancy tests way back in season 2, when Heidi looked like a different person. Crap. I was hoping that their “relationship” was a business arrangement after all, whichwould make me very happy for Heidi (see reason #2).

Still wishing.

Image: WireImage