PlayStation 4 Video ‘The Wonderful Life Of A PS4 Player’ Features Nods To ‘Uncharted 4,’ ‘Destiny,’ ‘SF V’

A new PlayStation 4 video has been released. It’s another advertisement much like those of the console’s launch days, and features the title, “The Wonderful Life of a PS4 Player.”

It seems the ad was released to help boost the sales of Sony’s machine in time for Black Friday, a day when the world sits ready to leap at deals across retail. A recent alleged Walmart reveal, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, has the PlayStation 4, iPads, and 4K TV’s all on sale at reduced prices.

It is arguably important for next generation consoles to take advantage of 4K displays, while being adaptive enough to transfer the same visuals to virtual reality devices, such as the PlayStation VR. It is yet unproven whether or not virtual reality gaming will be the next level, or just another niche like the Kinect. However, higher resolution displays have always been central to what makes a new console worth the price.

In some cases, such as those noted in the new PlayStation 4 video ad, it might just be the games we enjoy rather than the console’s performance. For example, Nintendo is proving that the Wii U can be a must-own console, even though it’s mostly known for its portable screen. Between Mario Kart 8 and Splatoon, it’s been made clear that Nintendo wants its gamers to have fun rather than focusing on how it competes with other consoles.

PlayStation 4 ad features dancing 'Destiny' Guardians PlayStation 4 ad features dancing ‘Destiny’ Guardians [Image via Sony / YouTube screen grab]Even the Xbox One has exclusives such as Titanfall, Halo 5: Guardians, and Rise of the Tomb Raider.

While the games receiving nods in the newest PlayStation 4 video advertisement may not be exclusives, they may very well help contribute to “the wonderful life of a PS4 player.”

The video begins with a screen on a smartphone with the PlayStation app being used, where the player receives an invite to a game. The player then stands up with a weird dance and continues that dance as the video progresses. He stops and lets a scanner integrated in the door’s spyglass verify his face before the door opens on its own. This may be a reference to the PlayStation camera.

The player continues his dance into a hallway featuring references to DriveClub, Batman: Arkham Knight, and what appears to be a statue of Guile from Street Fighter IV. So far, Guile’s old Air Force buddy, Nash, has been confirmed for SFV, but not Guile.

Could this be a sneak preview of a returning character Capcom hasn’t announced yet?

Then the player in the new PlayStation 4 video appears to be looking into a four-way mirror. The versions of him seen in the mirrors include a race car driver, Ryu from Street Fighter V, himself wearing a PlayStation VR, and himself in basic PlayStation promo clothes.

Further down the hall, the Guardians from Destiny join his dance, as well as players Ben and Zoe, entering through separate doors. The player then runs up to the ceiling, does a few steps, and then drops back to the floor. He stops to look at something in a glass case, which appears to be a scaled down Thunder Jaw from Horizon.

PlayStation 4 video ad with Thunder Jaw from 'Horizon' PlayStation 4 video ad features Thunder Jaw from ‘Horizon’ [Image via Sony / YouTube screen grab]The PlayStation 4 video ad continues with the player grabbing a grappling hook, and then we get a few seconds of Uncharted 4 gameplay. As the camera pans out, we realize he’s watching a YouTube walkthrough.

The player finishes off the video with himself and a bunch of his cameos from earlier in the ad dancing in front of a building, a few odd but familiar vehicles parked in front of it.

This PlayStation 4 video advertisement certainly brings back the playfulness and creativity of the console’s launch trailers.

What did you think of the “Wonderful Life of a PS4 Player” ad?

[Image via Sony / YouTube screen grab]