Amazon Signs MGM Deal, Boosts Prime Instant Video To 18,000-Strong

Amazon Instant Video signs deal with MGM

Amazon on Wednesday announced a new partnership with movie and TV powerhouse MGM studios. Under the deal Amazon Prime Instant Video users will gain access to thousands of classic movies and TV shows. Under the agreement Amazon can now tout more than 18,000 movies and TV episodes among its instant streaming collection.

Among some of Prime Instant Videos new offers are Dances With Wolves and the popular sci-fi TV series Stargate which ran its last season several years ago.

Amazon has been attempting to compete in the video streaming space with industry leader Netflix and to do so the company offers Instant Video services for just $79 per year. The Amazon Prime service also includes free two-day shipping on tens of thousands of Amazon products and other special Amazon products.

Amazon is not only making strides in its instant video business, the company recently used its streaming service Lovefilm to sign a multi-year agreement with NBCUniversal which will allow it to stream Universal Pictures movies to customers in the UK.

At this time the Prime Instant Video deal with MGM films is restricted to customers in the United States however the partnership could open the door to UK streaming.

While Amazon Prime Instant Video has not yet managed to grab all that many customers away from Amazon the company with its large bankroll could create partnerships in the future that bring more of today’s today TV shows and movies to its platform, money that could allow Amazon to buy its way to the top of the video streaming food chain.