‘Scandal’ Thursday: Fans Should Have Learned These Don’ts From Season 5, Episode 6

Scandal’s Season 5, Episode 7 is practically here. But before you’re submerged in its grips, you should realize some of the don’ts from the last episode. They could even save your life.

Olivia and Fitz have always — though back and forth — been at odds with each other in their situationship. But last week’s episode showed somewhat an epitome of indecisiveness. When you’re an indecisive person, it’s better not to involve other people in whatever problem is troubling you. While affecting your own life, you’re also taking those around you who care on a roller coaster as well.

To answer his question, it is weird. She probably would’ve been better off calling Jake, from State Farm, at 3 o’clock in the morning. Though Fitz holds a lot of power, Olivia holds that much more because she holds his heart. But she also holds Jake’s heart as well. And right now, he’s scorned over the situation.

You just don’t call someone whom you have a full understanding that loves you just to talk about marrying another person — well, not in the way that Olivia went about it, surely. It’s a selfish move. What kind of relationship is that?

According to Sonoma State University, it’s what’s called a “pastime relationship.” Olivia’s interactions with Jake have only been “getaways.” The university states the following about those particular types of scandalous drainers. They can get messy.

“A pastime relationship is essentially recreational — for fun and games — and is identified as such. Although some hopes may attach themselves, expectations seldom do. A summer romance is likely to be a pastime relationship. In most cases, circumstances make it unlikely that the relationship will be an enduring one. Passionate, delightful, and tender while it lasts, there’s no expectation that it should be more than that. The dominant mood and theme is ‘going with it fully for all of what it is.'”

This seems familiar, as Jake and Olivia started out as “fun and games,” right? Now, Jake has expectations that Olivia can’t fulfill because — according to the university — she’s in a mixture of a “healing relationship” and “living alone” dilemma with Fitz. By the latter, it’s meant that she’s a loner and has a loner’s mentality. Likewise, she knows that she would be giving that up, as mentioned in Episode 6. “She wasn’t ready (in Kevin Hart’s voice).”

Then, there’s the scandalous issue of asking for help from the person on the other side of the spectrum, the person hurt from an adulterous relationship. That’s just not something logical, whether he or she is a fixer or not. Sure, given Olivia’s possible-prison situation, one can understand exhausting all options. However, what if Mellie wasn’t wrapped right, mentally? What if that encounter was the last bit of stress that would’ve pushed her into “blacking out.” Then, fans could’ve very well have been watching the next installment of How to Get Away with Murder.

Do you remember “Smelly Mellie”? Was there a time of day where she didn’t have a drink in her hand? She was driven there by the stress in her life, as well as her own conscious decisions to drink her pains away, though understandable. However, hypothesize that Mellie had been drinking heavily before meeting Ms. Olivia Pope in that tunnel. It was a bold move — an audacious one, actually.

The Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law mentions, indirectly, that the aforementioned Scandal tunnel scene had the potential to go south, fast. People commit crimes and claim to have “blacked out” — according to the report, about 20 to 30 percent of offenders. And in Mellie’s case, it could’ve been an alcohol-induced one, had she been consuming.

“An alcoholic blackout causes a form of amnesia about events that happened during a period of heavy drinking. The consumption of large amounts of alcohol may induce a so-called dissociative state. Dissociation is defined as a disruption of the normally integrated functions of consciousness, memory, identity, and motor behavior, that does not necessarily cloud one’s consciousness. During the blackout, the person is awake and conscious, may be engaged in any type of activity or conversation, and may appear to the observer to be perfectly oriented.”

So, stack that on top of the emotional turmoil she’s undergoing, and again, you might have your next episode of #HTGAWM.

As if Olivia hadn’t taken enough people on her roller coaster thrill ride called “The Indecisive,” she told Fitz that she’d marry him. Then, she left him hanging just minutes before they were to appear at the altar. The ceremony was so close that Pope was undergoing introduction procedures into acting as First Lady. Had she handed over her phone seconds earlier, she might not have received that call from Mellie. However, since her decision wasn’t concrete anyway — and she was still looking for a way out that didn’t involve marrying Fitz — she left at first chance, even if it meant freeing her father, of all things. And now, with his backing, Mellie’s running for president.

Could you imagine? Mellie is teammates with the man who killed her son and the woman who stole her husband. This writer sees a bigger plot down the road — and it’s one of vengeance.

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