Girl Fight Erupts At Five Guys Restaurant In South Beach [Video]

Three female Five Guys workers brawled with a female customer on Halloween night in newly surfaced cellphone video that has gone viral.

The one-minute video of the burger beatdown uploaded to social media does not capture the entire chaotic incident or what lead up to it that occurred at the eatery in the South Beach nightclub district of Miami Beach. The clip starts with at least one employee throwing a stack of cups at a woman in the busy restaurant. The footage has received more than 200,000 views on YouTube as of this writing, plus a substantial amount of traction on Facebook.

See the clip of the Five Guys brawl in Miami Beach embedded below.

A Five Guys corporate representative indicated that the “beef in the burger store” — as the New York Daily News quipped — is under investigation.

“The video shows a trio of female employees dressed in Five Guys’ red uniforms viciously punching the customer and pulling her hair inside the eatery packed with Halloween revelers. At one point, a man dressed as a security guard tries to intervene, but the eatery staffers continue beating the woman and yanking on her long black wig until they pull if off her head,” the Daily Mail explained about the fast-food fracas.

“According to a witness, the woman was being loud and drunk, but didn’t get physical,” NBC Miami added.

It is yet to be undetermined what exactly prompted the altercation, however, at the Washington Avenue eatery.

The fast-growing Five Guys franchise chain has about 1,000 locations in the U.S. and Canada and in past surveys has been named as America’s favorite burger joint.

Five Guys burger

In a statement, a Five Guys area supervisor declared that “The actions displayed in this video are simply unacceptable. We are working with the franchise owner to do a full investigation and ensure appropriate disciplinary actions are taken.”

“The customer who started this fight obviously doesn’t appreciate the free peanuts that Five Guys offers,” The Interrobang website joked.

Five Guys peanuts

No one called the Miami Beach cops on the 911 emergency line during the Halloween melee, however. “Safety is our number one priority. As always, anyone who witnesses any sort of criminal activity or disturbance is urged to call police immediately,” a Miami Beach police spokesman said.

That particular Five Guys outlet is open until 4 a.m. and gets a lot of traffic from the nearby clubs.

According to the Miami Beach mayor, the Five Guys free-for-all is an example of why law and order needs to be restored in the commercial district.

“Apparently, that area of Miami Beach is known as a problem area. Miami Beach Mayor Phillip Levine says there is a two-year plan already in place to help prevent disorder on Washington Avenue and Ocean Drive,” News 10 of Tampa Bay/Sarasota reported.

In an unrelated alleged fast-food freakout, an apparently disgruntled Waffle House customer stands accused of shattering the front door of a restaurant over a 50-cent increase in the price of a sausage biscuit.

Parenthetically, a Five Guys multiple franchise owner indicated in 2013 that he might have to pass along price increases on burgers and fries in his restaurants to customers when the Obamacare employer mandate fully kicks in because insurance premiums will be the equivalent of “supersized.”

Apart from the Miami beef at Five Guys, do you think that violence at fast-food outlets is on the rise or is it just that cellphone video lets everyone know about it virtually immediately?

[Photo courtesy of Michael Rivera via Wikimedia Commons|cropped and resized|(CC BY-SA 4.0)]