Michael Lohan & Kate Major Lose Custody Of Their Children

Michael Lohan and his estranged wife Kate Major have lost custody of their two children. Michael, who is also the father of Lindsay Lohan, Ali Lohan, and Michael Lohan Jr., had his two young sons, Landon and Logan, taken by Child Protective Services last week.

According to a report from Radar Online, Michael Lohan and Kate Major were stripped of custody of their two sons by social work officials in Florida. The children were taken from the Lohan home after the Florida Department of Children and Families saw a video of Michael and Kate fighting in front of the 2-year-old and 10-month-old.

Michael Lohan and wife Kate Major stripped of custody of sons.

Authorities reportedly took Michael Lohan’s sons and put them into foster care until his mother, Marilyn, flew to Florida and was given custody by officials. When Lohan spoke out about the incident, he cited a list of mistakes made by Kate Major involving anger issues and alcohol, and claims he’s being punished for her actions.

“What’s wrong with this picture? Kate went to jail for DWI and Michael raised Landon on his own for 8 months. Kate gets out of jail, gives birth to Logan, relapsed on alcohol, assaults Michael, Kate goes to rehab, Michael raises Landon and Logan on his own and has full custody. The court makes Kate live separately and have supervised visitation. [Kate] gets out of rehab, relapses on alcohol and goes into detox.”

Lohan claims that the altercation caught on video that led to officials removing his children from the home came after Kate showed up drunk to his house and waited as he and the boys returned from a water park.

Michael Lohan claims that the court decided to take away custody from him and Kate Major because they believed he failed his sons by not protecting them and allowing Major to enter the home and then engaging her in a fight after he demanded that she leave. Michael says that all of the boys needs such as medical, dental, educational, and daycare were being met and that the boys are “well taken care of.”

Lohan also reminded anyone listening that Kate’s been involved in three assaults while he hasn’t been involved in any, that Major has been in rehab three times while he’s only been once, and that he’s made over $240,000 while Kate hasn’t brought home any money for the household.

Michael Lohan also stated that “proof of all this was provided to the court. What’s wrong with this picture?”

Michael Lohan and Kate Major have lost custody of sons.

Michael has been criticized for his parenting multiple times in the past as his most famous child, actress Lindsay Lohan, has had a very troubled and public life. Lindsay has been in and out of rehab and has made headlines various times for his party girl behavior and arrests. While Lindsay’s mother, Michael’s ex-wife Dina Lohan, has also taken heat and been branded a bad mom for her children’s behavior and her own decisions, it seems that the entire Lohan family has been plagued with drama, and it doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon.

As for Michael Lohan and Kate Major’s two sons Landon and Logan, fans are hoping for all the best for the young boys, and if that means they stay with their grandmother, then so be it. However, if the court and Child Protective Services deem Michael and Kate fit to parenting their two children after further investigation, perhaps the couple may want to look into getting some sort of family counseling or help to keep things more calm and stable for their little boys.

What are your thoughts on Michael Lohan and Kate Major losing custody of their two sons?

[Photo by Kate Major/Instagram]