Toddler Ejected From SUV During High-Speed Chase [VIDEO]

In an unbelievably horrifying video, an 18-month old toddler was thrown from an SUV as the toddler’s 17 year-old father flipped the vehicle trying to outrun police.

The incident occurred after 17 year-old Kenny Shawn Jimenez robbed a 19 year-old woman in a Lubbock, Texas parking lot. After the authorities were alerted, police spotted the vehicle and tried to pull the young man over. Jimenez then slammed the gas and attempted to flee with two 16 year-old girls, one 14 year-old boy and his 18 month-old toddler in the vehicle.

The dash camera of a Texas police cruiser captured the entire incident on tape as the SUV careens into a left turn, flipping the SUV multiple times and ejecting the toddler in the process.

Viewers can see the toddler immediately pop up in the midst of the blaring sirens and vehicle debris and begin running after the SUV that landed on its wheels and is drifting to the curb.

As the small child helplessly searches for security in the chaotic scene, one of the 16 year-old females can be seen running from behind the SUV, scooping up the child and taking off into the darkness.

When police officers caught up with and arrested the teens, the toddler was found safe with only a few small scratches, avoiding any major physical harm.

The 19 year-old robbery victim, Chelsea Betenbough, told police that after Jimenez stuck a pistol in her face and took her cash that she saw the young father getting into a vehicle with a baby in the backseat.

“He was getting in the car and I said, ‘all that with a baby in the back seat?'” Betenbough told the station. “I was shocked I saw her.”

Kenny Shawn Jimenez has been charged with aggravated robbery and injury to a child.