Nicki Minaj Collaboration With Lil Kim Possible, Meek Mill Wants Them To Unite And ‘Own Hip Hop’

A potential Nicki Minaj collaboration is getting a big push from boyfriend Meek Mill. Meek Mill thinks a Nicki Minaj collaboration with Lil Kim would tip hip hop on its head, if given the chance. But a problem remains if this is ever going to happen. Lil Kim and Nicki will need to kiss and make up.

A source near Meek told Hollywood Life the scheme to get the two female rap icons together.

“If she got together with Kim in the studio and came up with a collab, they’d own rap! He reminded Nicki that they’re in business for money, not for feuds! Nicki loves her dollars more than her A-1 steak sauce, and she’s thinking really hard as to whether she can stomach working with Kim.”

So if Nicki is willing to stomach the process, she would be the richer for it, if you go by this logic. But as recently as the BET Awards last June, Minaj is believed to have made a veiled diss towards the Notorious B.I.G.’s former No. 1 woman.

In front of the awards show audience, Minaj made this caustic statement, as reported by Entertainment Tonight.

“I want to tell you to please make it your business to follow your dreams, because one day you will wake up and look around and your dreams will be gone, and then you will be mad at somebody, but be mad at your g*dd*mn self.”

Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj ran afoul of each other after they were slated to come out on a song together a while back. It was near the start of Minaj’s career. Lil Kim was in talks to collaborate with Cash Money Records on a song, which she believes was only used to develop Nicki Minaj as an artist. Lil Kim claims to have invented a style on the narrowly released track that Nicki eventually took and ran with. Kim says that the record company didn’t think the two women could occupy the same hip hop space.

Kim also claimed that people in the industry, including Nicki, can’t stand having two top female rappers. But she also faults Cash Money Records CEO Slim, along with Baby and others at Cash Money for keeping Minaj in competition with her. She claims female rappers should and could stand together rather than be pitted against each other. If you look at Lil Kim’s history with rapper Foxy Brown and others, perhaps she has a point.

But Meek Mill would like the feud to be set aside so that Nicki and the former lady of Junior M.A.F.I.A. can get to work in the studio together. He’s betting that would be the ticket to overtake rap. Meek is trying to get his girlfriend out of her feud, but he still has his own feud with Drake to contend with. Meek Mill and Drake exchanged diss records a few months back, and Meek is considered the losing side, despite initiating the battle by suggesting Drake doesn’t write his own raps, over Twitter.

Though Kim hasn’t released an official album in 10 years, that could soon change. Also at the BET Awards this year, Diddy brought back Bad Boy Records greats, including Kim, for a performance, and has announced a Bad Boy Family tour. Details are still unknown, but a Kim solo project of some kind could spin off from that, and Minaj could enter that picture sooner or later. Diddy earlier worked with Nicki Minaj on the remix to “Hello Good Morning” by his group at the time, Diddy Dirty Money. Diddy could be the one to really bring the two of them together, having worked with both ladies. A new Nicki Minaj collaboration with one of Bad Boy’s most famous artists could initiate a new era in hip hop by the ladies.

[Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images]