Trevor Noah, ‘Daily Show’ Host, Has Emergency Appendectomy

Daily Show host Trevor Noah reportedly underwent an emergency appendectomy on Wednesday morning.

Hollywood Life reports that the 31-year-old comedian is still in the hospital, but is expected to make a full recovery. According to the report, Trevor’s hospital stay will prevent him from hosting Wednesday night’s episode of The Daily Show.

Comedy Central issued an official statement addressing Trevor’s health issue, as well as how the network plans to cover the gap left by his absence.

“Trevor Noah underwent an emergency appendectomy early this morning. We’re happy to report the procedure went well and he is currently recuperating from the surgery. As a result, The Daily Show will air an encore tonight. We expect he and the show will be back with an original episode tomorrow.”

A substantial number of fans and critics alike expressed their reactions to the news of Trevor Noah’s emergency operation on Twitter.

Some were very supportive by wishing Trevor a speedy recovery or even offering him some helpful advice.

Others found clever ways to turn Trevor Noah’s appendix and the overall operation into a solid punchline.

Trevor Noah first started working on The Daily Show as a contributor in December, 2014. Nearly three months later, in March, 2015, according to the New York Times, it was officially announced that the South African stand-up comic would succeed longtime host Jon Stewart after Jon decided to step down.

Trevor officially sat at The Daily Show desk as its new host on September 28. That night, he jokingly referred to himself as the show’s new black stepdad.

In a recent interview with AdWeek, Trevor Noah opened up about the strong desire he had to tap his predecessor’s brain for advice and why he eventually decided to resist the urge to do so.

“I’ve felt like doing that on most days, I’m not going to lie. In the first week, he just gave me feedback: ‘Great job,’ ‘Enjoy that more,’ ‘Have a good time.’ But I’ve made a point of not going to him because it will be a crutch. Necessity is the mother of invention. And if you’ve got Jon Stewart helping you, I don’t think you’ll ever invent.”

After announcing his replacement on the air earlier this year, Jon Stewart stated that he was “excited” about Trevor Noah being the one chosen to carry the torch after he left. He also jokingly told his Daily Show studio audience and viewers that Trevor would earn their trust and respect the same way that he did himself, “or not.”

Dave Itzkoff, of the New York Times, wrote in a March, 2015, article that Comedy Central’s decision to give Trevor that type of promotion “puts a nonwhite performer at the head of this flagship Comedy Central franchise, and one who comes with Mr. Stewart’s endorsement.”

When Trevor Noah makes his return to The Daily Show desk, chances are that he will have plenty of hilarious punchlines in reference to his appendectomy to share at his own expense.

[Image Credit: Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images]