K. Michelle Getting Rid Of Butt Fat Transfers, Not Bleaching Skin [Video]

A new video called “K. Michelle Reveals She’s Saying Goodbye to Her Butt Enhancement” on the YouTube channel of B. Scott is certainly getting lots of attention on Wednesday, November 4. With more than 55,000 views, the YouTube video is being praised for K. Michelle’s honesty regarding the removal of her butt enhancements. Michelle spoke honestly about getting the bags under her eyes sucked out and having fillers in her face. She said she doesn’t bleach her skin as other reports have accused Michelle of doing. K warned others to take their time when it comes to plastic surgery and to consider the cost of getting a procedure done. She also suggested finding the best doctors prior to getting any sort of cosmetic surgery.

“If you have the coins to put it in, have the coins to take it out.”

“Go get the body you want. If you don’t want it anymore, you just don’t want it anymore.”

Warning: The following video contains language that might be offensive to some viewers.

K. Michelle’s butt comes courtesy of a fat transfer into her hips, admits Michelle. The ones she used aren’t the dangerous type of butt shots that Anivia Cruz-Dilworth received. Those silicone butt shots were featured when the ex-model appeared on an episode of Iyanla, Fix My Life, titled “Fix My Toxic Obsession.”


Anivia sported an unusual frame because the butt shots and silicone migrated down her legs and caused her all sorts of pain. She explained that she initially got those butt shots and became addicted to getting them because she wanted to have that womanly look that other women have. Anivia wanted big-time curves, and her previous obsession with butt shots led to her being disfigured. She uncovered that the source of her pain was being born without female organs that made her feel less than a woman. As a result, the butt shots made her hips swell to 47 inches on a small frame, with her hips initially only being 42 inches.

Meanwhile, the reaction to K’s honesty on YouTube is gaining Michelle plenty of praise. Whereas some celebrities never admit to surgeries or pretend that their fake backsides are the result of being born that way, K is open and honest, letting other women know what she really went through to get her body.

Below are some of the comments she has received.

“I love K. Michelle! She so beautiful, honest and talented.”

“I’m so proud of her! Her first season of Love and Hip Hop she had a nice body! I never understood why she got the enhancement.”

“I hope this helps slow down the extreme fake booty trend, it’s getting out of hand.”

With Michelle’s admission to using fat transfers to enhance her butt, others might be encouraged to be more honest with their butt surgeries, fillers, silicone shots, and the like. As explained in the video, K wanted to be able to go out for different acting roles without worrying about her butt taking the focus off of her face and other parts of her persona.

Indeed, Michelle’s butt was often the talk of plenty conversations during red carpet appearances and award show performances, wherein K would wear form-fitting clothes that showed off her ample hips. Some fans are relieved that K is getting the fat sucked out of her butt.

k michelle

Michelle’s fans are also likely grateful that K didn’t take a more dangerous route to procure her figure like some women have done, as in the infamous case of the Black Madam. In that case, a woman died after receiving the illegal shots.

[Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Clear Channel]