Bobbi Kristina Brown Rehab Plans: Pat Houston Opens Up About Attempts To Help Whitney Houston’s Daughter

Whitney Houston’s former manager and sister-in-law Pat Houston is opening up about plans regarding getting Bobbi Kristina Brown into rehab prior to the young woman’s death. There had been signs of trouble with Bobbi Kristina for some time before her health crisis, and now Pat Houston says that there were forces behind the scenes trying to get Whitney’s daughter help.

What has Pat shared now?

Houston talked with Entertainment Tonight about the situation. Pat says that she had been making plans for Bobbi Kristina Brown’s rehab placement, but she admits that they were a little too late. As most people know, Brown was found unconscious in a bathtub at her Georgia townhouse last January. Despite several months of praying for a miracle, she never regained consciousness. Bobbi Kristina was taken off life support and died over the summer.

The details about what happened last January in that Georgia townhouse remain fairly murky. Bobbi Kristina’s boyfriend, Nick Gordon, has been blamed by many of Brown’s relatives for the role he allegedly played in Bobbi’s death. There are lawsuits in play and there has been some talk of criminal charges as well. However, at this point, little has been revealed publicly about exactly what happened.

Bobbi Kristina Brown's aunt Pat Houston

Houston says that just a few days before the bathtub incident, Bobbi Kristina had told her Aunt Pat that she loved her and was going to visit to talk with her as her aunt had requested. Pat indicates that Bobbi Kristina had been adamant with everybody else that she would not go to rehab, but Houston believed she could persuade her niece to give it a try.

Unfortunately, that text of Bobbi Kristina’s indicating an openness to talking about the possibility with Pat was the last time the two had contact, as just a few days later, Brown was found unconscious. Houston says that she simply didn’t know the extent to which Brown was using drugs, detailing that she didn’t know about Bobbi Kristina’s use of heroin and cocaine until shortly before the incident.

Houston maintains that as soon as she learned of the intensity of Bobbi Kristina’s drug use, she “addressed it immediately” by working on a plan for rehab.

“But, unfortunately, she never made it,” Houston explained.

Tensions ran quite high for months between Whitney Houston’s family and Bobby Brown’s family as Brown was in the hospital. Bobbi Kristina was moved to a rehabilitation facility this past March, and after her condition deteriorated further, she was moved to hospice. Brown died on July 26.

Bobbi Kristina Brown and Nick Gordon

Could Pat Houston’s openness regarding her plans for Bobbi Kristina Brown’s rehab needs help other families facing similar difficulties? It’s been a difficult year for the Houston and Brown families, and fans are glad to see some sense of peace perhaps coming for all of those involved at last.

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