The Exes Emerge: David Justice Slams Halle Berry — For The Sake Of His Three Kids

Let the Halle Berry bashing begin! First up, ex-husband David Justice, and right behind him comes Eric Benét. The battleground — Twitter, of course.

Halle Berry is going through another divorce, from actor and father of her son, Maceo, Olivier Martinez. Though the rumor mill has hinted at a contentious and hateful divorce, nothing has been stated on the record, and neither Berry nor her soon-to-be ex have publicly bashed each other.

But David Justice decided on Monday to take to Twitter for a rant against Halle and to issue a warning of sorts to Martinez, railing about their failed marriage and rumors regarding his treatment of the actress, Page Six reported.

Some background: David Justice and Halle Berry were married from 1992 to 1997. At the time, Justice played for the Atlanta Braves and Berry was a rising star in Hollywood, the Daily Beast noted. They separated in 1996 — and Halle got a restraining order — then bitterly divorced the following year.

Back then, David openly criticized Halle, saying in an interview that “I’ve never known a girl who could throw a tantrum like she does.”

It’s important to note that while Berry filed a restraining order against Justice, she never publicly accused him of abusing her but had hinted that a famous boyfriend had hit her so hard that she suffered hearing damage. According to Justice, she never clarified that it wasn’t him (Justice claimed on Twitter that the actor in question was Wesley Snipes).

And this was apparently the purpose of David’s Twitter rant against Halle — to clear the air and to warn Olivier.

“When she first reported she had been in abusive relationships, she wouldn’t name the ‘famous’ former boyfriend. She was mad at me for leaving the relationship so she and her Hollywood Team just tried to destroy my character. It had to be my fault, right?”

Justice then directed his comments to the current, and shortly the former, Mr. Halle Berry, saying, “Me, Eric, Gabriel (Aubry) and Olivier were all her ‘Knight in Shining Armor,’ until it ends. Then we all become the worst guys in history… Just wait, Olivier… It’s coming! She insinuated that her daughter wasn’t safe around Gabriel… look it up and see the reason! Just wrong.”

Benét chimed in on Tuesday, “My man at @23davidjustice is tweeting some truth dis’ mornin’!”

The two started dating in 1999 and married two years later; they divorced after he reportedly admitted cheating on Halle.

According to People, David said he had to speak out after news of Halle’s divorce went public, seemingly because he feared her old dirty laundry — some of which she shares with Justice — would be aired out. And he didn’t want his kids — 15, 13, and 11 — to hear any rumors.

“I had to finally come out and say once and for all I never hit Halle Berry. Back then it didn’t matter, but it’s different now,” Justice said, adding that he doesn’t plan to become a spokesman for Halle’s exes, nor plan to sit down for interviews to discuss their relationship.

Truth-telling was apparently his only goal. And he’s done talking about it.

“My intention was not to bash Halle, as I specifically said that Halle has NEVER verbally said it. I just wished that when the rumors were out… (B)ut don’t say… that I hit Halle,” he said, according to E! Online. “My mom didn’t raise me that way. Now, I’ll go back into my little small place on this earth and be quiet….Peace!”

A source told TMZ that Berry has no idea what inspired Justice to spill his guts on Twitter, but she stressed once again that David never hit her. But over at the Beast, writer Stereo Williams has a theory about why the actress’ exes are coming out of the woodwork: they’re pathetic.

“These guys’ behavior comes from knowing that the general public thinks something is “wrong” with Halle Berry because she’s beautiful, famous, and yet can’t stay married.. here’s no better way for an insecure man to reclaim his id than to get a chance to publicly carve up an ex—all the better if she’s one of the world’s most desirable women.”

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