WT1190F Could Be Alien UFO Returning To Secret UFO Underwater Base Off Coast Of Sri Lanka After Orbital Mission, Says UFO Hunters

Following recent media reports that a mysterious piece of UFO debris dubbed WT1190F is on collision course with Earth and that it is expected to make impact in the Indian Ocean on November 13, at a spot off the coast of Sri Lanka, UFO conspiracy theorists have pointed out that the particular area of the Indian Ocean where WT1190F is expected to make impact has been known for decades as a UFO hotspot.

UFO researchers have long suspected that there is an underwater UFO base or an underwater portal to another dimension in the area, according to UFO Sightings Hotspot.

News that WT1190F is expected to make impact about 40 miles off the southern coast of Sri Lanka at about 6:20 UTC on November 13 — an area where UFO researchers have long suspected there is a major UFO underwater base — has sparked speculations in the online UFO community.

According to alien and UFO hunters, it likely that WT1190F is not — as astronomers believe –- a piece of a previous lunar mission, but an alien UFO satellite returning to base after accomplishing an orbital mission in space.

Astronomers had suggested, based on estimated size and properties, that WT1190F is a low-density — possibly hollow — object, about two meters across, in an elliptical trans-lunar orbital path that takes it beyond the Moon (see image below).

Orbital Trajectory Of WT1190F
Trans-Lunar Orbit Of WT1190F [Image via BPEarthWatch/YouTube/ UFO Sightings Daily]

Evidence that WT1190F is a low-density object led to the conjecture that it is a hollow man-made object, probably a spent rocket stage from previous lunar missions.

But the online UFO conspiracy theory community is abuzz with speculation that WT1190F could be an artificial object made by an alien species that runs a major underwater UFO base off the coast of Sri Lanka in the Indian Ocean.

UFO hunters point to the fact of well-documented cases of UFO sightings linked to the waters off the southern coast of Sri Lanka. Hundreds of Sri Lankans have reported sighting UFOs believed to have originated from an underwater base off the southern coast of the country.

UFO Underwater Base Off The Southern Coast Of Sri Lanka
Is This Evidence Of UFO Underwater Base Off The Coast Of Sri Lanka? UFO Hunters Say It Is [Image via Google Earth/ UFO Sightings Hotspot]

The Sri Lankan Daily News reports that Professor Chandana Jayaratne, a top Sri Lankan astronomer and Head of the Colombo University Physical Science Department, was so impressed by the persistent reports of UFO sightings in the country that he decided last month to conduct investigations into reported sightings of mysterious UFOs over Polonnaruwa Sacred City.

According to the Sri Lankan Daily News, witnesses had reported sighting a strange UFO with blue, orange, and green lights that flew over the sacred city from the direction of the Dimbulagala Mountain.

And that was not the first time that locals had reported sighting mysterious UFOS apparently conducting surveillance flights over Polonnaruwa Sacred city. Locals had reported similar sightings last year.

The frequency of the sightings caused some local UFO researchers to suggest that aliens may have developed an interest in the sacred architectural designs of Polonnaruwa. Some even suggested that the aliens may have learned about the mystical “Visha Yathura” (“Key to the Universe”) supposed to hold the secrets of advanced ancient technology.

One of the earliest and best-known UFO sightings off the coast of Sri Lanka that sparked suspicions of an underwater UFO base in the area where WT1190F is expected to make impact occurred in March 1990.

According to media reports, the crew of a tanker reported sighting a saucer-shaped UFO that emerged from the water about 210 miles off the Sri Lankan coast of Matara in the Indian Ocean. The flying saucer UFO reportedly flew around the 175-foot tanker for about 15 minutes before plunging back into the water and vanishing without a trace.

The tanker was damaged severely by huge waves generated when the UFO emerged from the water and then plunged back into it.

The captain of the ship, 47-year-old Rasika Mawatha, reportedly said, “It was enormous — at least five times the size of our ship. All the ship’s instruments went haywire and the needle on the compass kept spinning around and around. I couldn’t even use the radio to call for help.”

He added, “The spacecraft glowed and pulsated with a silvery light and another eerie beam of light shone from the bottom of the ship. It seemed as if whoever was in the craft was scanning our ship, but for what purpose, I don’t know. One minute it was there and the next it had vanished back into the sea in a blinding flash of light.”

Captain Mawatha reportedly said the ship’s instruments began working again only after the UFO had disappeared into the water.

No trace of the UFO was ever found despite efforts by Sri Lankan authorities, according to reports.

The next major UFO sighting in Sri Lanka was reported in 1998 by school children in the village of Bandarawela. The children said a large UFO landed on their school playground.

Scores of villagers in Parakrama Samudra reported sighting a strange craft in 2002. According to the villagers, a very fast-moving UFO that droned like a bee and had a powerful V-shaped beam of rotating light appeared and then disappeared suddenly.

A Royal Air Force officer who was traveling in Sri Lanka in March 2004 snapped a photograph off the coast of Sri Lanka showing an “unusual weather phenomenon.”

UFO and alien enthusiasts claimed that the “unusual weather phenomenon” was a portal to another dimension, but meteorologists said it was an unusual form of a lenticular cloud.

Is This A Portal To Another Dimension?
Photo Snapped By Royal Air Force Officer Shows ‘Unusual Atmospheric Occurence,’ But UFO Hunters Say It Is A Portal To Another Dimension [Image via National Archives Of UK/Wikimedia]

UFO researchers dismissed the claim that the object was an “unusual atmospheric occurrence,” pointing out that the witness said the object was moving down towards the Earth. UFOlogists argued that the downward movement shows it was not a cloud but a UFO descending into an underwater base.

Is This An Alien Underwater Base Of The Coast Of Sri Lanka
Google Earth Image Allegedly Shows Mysterious ‘Rock Formation’ Off The Southern Coast Of Sri Lanka Where WT1190F Is Expected To Make Impact [Image via Google Earth/UFO Sightings Hotspot]

According to UFO Sightings Hotspot, probably the strongest evidence that the incoming WT1190F is an alien UFO or satellite returning to base comes from the sighting on Google Earth (coordinates Google Earth: 6°10’55.73″N 81°28’52.69″E) of a “strange unnatural looking structure or rock formation in the ocean” near the predicted impact area (see images above and below).

Is This An Underwater UFO Base
Is This Mysterious ‘Formation’ Off The Coast Of Sri Lanka Evidence Of An Underwater UFO Base?[Image via Google Earth/UFO Sightings Hotspot]

UFOlogists say that what looks like a rock formation could actually be an underwater base or portal.

[Image via Jessie Carpenter and Bill Moede/NASA Ames Research Center/Universe Today]