‘League Of Legends’ Update Brings Biggest Overhaul Since 2009 Plus League Client Alpha

League of Legends is leveling things up really soon, and they’re leveling it up real big, too!

League of Legends recently announced that years after their last major update, League of Legends is evolving and undergoing a huge overhaul come 2016. The International Business Times reports that 2009 was when League of Legends last made a significant overhaul to the game’s overall performance and features. With just months after the release of Dota 2 Reborn, it seems League of Legends finally felt a tinge of pressure to level up the playing field to be able to compete in the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) genre.

The updates coming to the huge overhaul by League of Legends are overwhelming in number, so League of Legends developer Riot Games felt the need to create a separate page under the official League of Legends website to explain all the exciting new features and upgrades coming to the game. A part of the website pertaining to the update reads.

“The changes we’re making this preseason all work toward making each game of League feel unique. From the different champion strengths you bring to the items you take to battle, all the way to the masteries you choose – we want your decisions to matter and have a clear impact on how each game plays out.”

Keystone masteries updated (via Riot Games, Inc.)

Some of the new features to look forward to include everything from champ select and upgrades to new monsters, clubs, parties development, keystone masteries, and items. Here are some of the highlights of the upcoming League of Legends update.

League of Legends’ Marksmen are getting huge character developments. Champion Miss Fortune, for example, is being reworked to utilize her combo strengths, and Quinn is getting a bump in her speed, turning her into the quickest champion in the League. Marksmen items are also getting some love, and some of the new ones in the way are Rapid Firecannon, Mortal Reminder, Lord Dominik’s Regards, and Death’s Dance.

League of Legends Marksmen update (via Riot Games, Inc.)

Another interesting addition to the League of Legends gameplay is The Rift Herald, a new monster near the top lane that will give a single target buff to the champion when defeated.

New starting items, apart from updated ones, will be added to League of Legends as well. These more specialized options aim to give players who want a more aggressive lane or a defensive farming option, for example, to opt into these alternative early-game openings. The new starting items are Cull, which gives plus attack damage and life on hit; The Dark Seal, which gives ability power, increased healing from potions, and mana; Hunter’s Talisman, which bestows mana regeneration while in jungle; and Tracker’s Knife, which gives life steal vs. monsters and mana regeneration while in jungle.

League of Legends is also saying goodbye to a couple of items in the game. Stealth Wards are leaving, and Vision is getting upgraded. Mana pots are also bidding their farewell, health pots are getting pricier, but new consumables are on the way.

Leage of Legends new champ select (via Riot Games, Inc.)

There will also be newer champion select methods on the way, letting you choose which position you want to play (sort of), ranked improvements, dynamic groups, and promo helper.

The testing system has been a very popular tactic for all kinds of games nowadays, and League of Legends is starting to test the waters of customer feedback by opening the League Client Update Alpha to players who want to participate in the buggy but experiential process of building the new League of Legends client.

One of the most exciting updates that will come with the new League of Legends client is the revamped interface to accommodate all the new fixes. And since League of Legends is all about teamwork, fun, and friendship, League of Legends will be introducing new social features like having a 100-member chatroom, a party system where players can queue their games together, and a League of Legends mobile app that will let players talk to their friends outside the Rift.

Excited for the new League of Legends yet? If you’re a level 30 player, prepare to gear up because League of Legends is opening up the alpha for signups before it kicks off next year, so stay tuned. For more information about the alpha and the upcoming League of Legends update, you can also check the League of Legends 2016 season update official site.

[Image via Riot Games, Inc.]