‘Teen Mom OG’s’ Gary Shirley Is A Married Man

Teen Mom OG dad Gary Shirley has some pretty big news to share with fans. Before everyone jumps on the pregnancy number three bandwagon, Shirley’s big news is that he has finally decided to settle down.

Gary Shirley of MTV’s Teen Mom and Teen Mom OG isn’t really known for going around and dating multiple women. Some believed that Gary may never truly settle down, despite the fact that he now has two children, one with ex-girlfriend, Amber Portwood, and another with current girlfriend, Kristina Anderson.

Scratch that — wife Kristina Anderson! Reports are now coming in full force stating that Gary finally decided to put a ring on Kristina’s finger six months after the birth of their daughter, Emilee.

First to report on Gary’s secret wedding was the Ashley, a source for all things reality television. According to the report, the couple has been very secretive about the whole situation, neither of them posting a word to social media.

Us Weekly went on to report that, according to court records, the couple filed for a marriage license sometime in late September, and shortly after, the two officially tied the knot. Gary and Kristina reportedly said their “I do’s” on September 28, 2015, though once again, neither has opened up about the ceremony.

According to Hollywood Life, this is Gary Shirley’s first marriage and Kristina Anderson’s second. It was revealed during the first Teen Mom OG reunion special that Gary and Kristina reportedly began dating while she was still married to her first husband, Greg. Multiple reports stated that Kristina and Greg were married for nine years before she moved in with Gary. During the Teen Mom OG reunion, it was revealed that Gary believed Kristina was supposedly separated from Greg, which turns out wasn’t true.

“So she was cheating on her husband?” Dr. Drew asked.

“Yes, with me. But I wasn’t aware of the situation,” Gary said.

While the two remain quiet about the reported marriage, both Kristina and Gary were very excited to welcome their daughter, Emilee, back in April. According to an earlier report by the Inquisitr, Gary Shirley took to social media to not only talk about daughter Leah’s excitement over the coming birth of her new little sister, but to also announce her arrival!

It wasn’t long after these initial messages that Gary was back on social media to post photos of his youngest little girl.

While the Teen Mom dad was busy falling in love with his new baby girl, fans spent a lot of time wondering just how ex-girlfriend Amber Portwood would be taking the news. During Teen Mom OG, Amber seemed to try her best to separate herself from the situation after she was seen getting rather emotional over the news.

While fans were concerned for Amber, most worries were put to rest after photos began popping up all over social media that showed Amber not only visiting Gary and Kristina in the hospital, but also holding their new baby girl.

It seems as if the Teen Mom cast is only going to get bigger from here! Not only have Gary Shirley and Kristina Anderson tied the knot; just this past August, Teen Mom couple Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell finally said “I do,” and according to the Ashley, Amber Portwood and boyfriend Matt Baer are reportedly expected to make their way down the aisle in October 2016.

[Image via Gary Shirley’s Twitter Feed]