Kitten Born Without Eyes, Homeless And Abandoned, Finding Forever Home [Photos, Videos]

A kitten, born without eyes and which was homeless and abandoned, is closer to finding a forever home. The kitten named Freya is an orange, female tabby cat and it is believed that she was abandoned in Plainfield, Illinois, due to her deformity. According to the Plainfield Patch, the animal rescue Wags 2 Wishes received a phone call from a concerned citizen who said her children found the cat abandoned in their yard. Terry Crotter, the rescue’s founder, spoke about the discovery and how at first they thought the cat was very young and just opening her eyes. It didn’t take long to realize that the kitten had a deformity and had been born without eyes. Freya was taken to a clinic for an immediate examination and treatment. It was determined she would have surgery to close her eye sockets, as this would help prevent any infections in the future. Though Freya was born without eyes, she was said to be in good health.

Though it is suspected the kitten was abandoned and became homeless due to being born without eyes, there are no suspects in question. Crotter pointed out that only one kitten was found in the yard. This indicates that Freya wasn’t part of a litter of kittens that may have become separated from their mother. Instead, it points to the likely possibility that the kitten was placed in the yard intentionally, alone and without the ability to see. One can only imagine how frightening the experience must have been for the adorable little kitten who was born without eyes.

As word of Freya’s ordeal and how she was born without eyes has spread, her story has gone viral with major news outlets and Good Morning America picking it up. Not only has the public responded with love, compassion and concern, but many offers to adopt Freya have poured in. According to GMA, a volunteer from Wags 2 Wishes is very interested in adopting Freya and giving her a forever home. The report states that the volunteer prefers to adopt disabled pets.

Offers to adopt Freya, the kitten without eyes, have been shared on the Wags 2 Wishes Facebook page. On the page it was confirmed that the volunteer is interested in adopting Freya, but should that not happen, information for adopting Freya would be posted on the Facebook page. That certainly is a change for the kitten born without eyes who more than likely was abandoned, dumped, and left homeless to fend for herself.

Wags 2 Wishes shared an update about Freya on their Facebook page that helped clear some of the confusion surrounding her possible adoption.

“We have received many calls regarding Freya the kitten that was found in a yard in Plainfield and born with no eyes.

Freya is currently in a foster home being cared for and is not at our Rescue Center. Once old enough and medically cleared we will post her IF she becomes available for adoption, as of right now we do have an adoption interest by a W2W Volunteer.

For all you asking if she is really a ‘she’ since most orange Tabby’s are male, although we know its rare, she is a female.

Thank you for all the prayers and kind words for Freya the kitty!”

Wags 2 Wishes is not a cat rescue, but focuses primarily on dogs. If they hadn’t responded to the call regarding an abandoned kitten without eyes, who knows what the future would hold for little Freya. Abandoning animals is a crime. However, it still remains unclear as to how Freya ended up in the yard to begin with. Since Freya’s story has gone viral, and word has spread that she was born without eyes, no one has come to claim her, saying that she wandered away from home. If you have any information regarding this case, you are encouraged to contact Wags 2 Wishes or your local law enforcement agency. Though Freya the kitten was born without eyes, she is expected to live a long, healthy, and normal life.

[Photo Credit: Wags 2 Wishes Animal Rescue]