Jennifer Garner Spotted With New Mystery Man, Is She Finally Ready To Move On From ‘Batman V Superman’ Star Ben Affleck?

Jennifer Garner may finally be ready to move on with her life following her recent divorce from Batman v Superman star Ben Affleck. According to a number of photos released by Radar Online, Garner was spotted out and about on Halloween with her kids and a new, unknown man.

In the photos, the mysterious gentleman is seen helping Garner’s daughter, Seraphina, 6, as she pedals on a bike. For her part, Garner is seen in the background tending to her other kids while they all are out trick or treating. In all of these photos, Garner appears to be having a great time with her kids and the man.

While dealing with the split, Ben Affleck is gearing up for his biggest role in years in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. [Image via Warner Bros]

While these photos don’t prove that Garner is dating this new guy, he does appear to be familiar with the family. Additionally, Garner did not seem upset at all that this guy was helping her daughter out, which means that the two at least know each other.

As it turns out, the man does know Garner and the family. According to Gossip Cop, the unknown man is actually Garner’s next door neighbor, who was just lending a helping hand. With that in mind, is it possible that a new relationship is brewing between Garner and her neighbor?

Although the details of their relationship are unclear at this time, it does not appear as though the two are dating. In fact, the insider went on to add that the two are not in a relationship and that the guy is “not anyone’s boyfriend.” While this seems to make sense, it does beg the question as to why the man was helping Garner out, and why he appeared so comfortable around her children.

Meanwhile, this latest rumor about Jennifer Garner follows what has been a rough few months for the actress and her husband. Shortly after announcing that they were planning on getting a divorce, Affleck and Garner have been at the forefront of rumors as to why the two decided to end their 10-year marriage.

Even Affleck's former flame, Jennifer Lopez, has been drug into his split with Jennifer Garner. [Photo By Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

Along with all the speculation regarding their highly publicized split, it was recently rumored that Garner was angry with Affleck’s former flame, Jennifer Lopez, over her alleged comments regarding their marriage. At the same time, Garner’s former husband, Scott Foley, was also dragged into the spotlight after it surfaced that Garner forbade him from talking with her at all.

According to the International Business Times, not only have rumors circulated about their former spouses, but there have been reports about a new woman in Affleck’s life. The Gone Girl star was seen at a hotel in Beverly Hills with an unknown blonde girl, which only sparked reports that he had already moved on to someone new.

These reports did not come as a surprise to many, especially considering that one of the reasons why the two separated was because of his alleged affair with their nanny. However, despite these reports, Garner has remained positive in her attitude towards her soon-to-be ex-husband.

“Jen has chosen to believe her husband didn’t cheat on her,” an inside sourced revealed. “That meant a lot to Ben. And although he still swears nothing ever happened with Christine, he accepts his part in allowing the rumors to start. That’s why she decided to forgive Ben — and give their marriage another chance.”

Whether or not this is true is yet to be seen, especially following the pictures that were released of Garner hanging out with her neighbor. Perhaps Garner has found someone new and is ready to move on with her life. At this point, neither Garner nor Affleck have addressed these latest rumors.

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[Photo By David Livingston/Getty Images]