Canton Standoff Between Man And Police Lasts Hours, Larry King Dead In Massachusetts Stabbing Attack

In Massachusetts, a Canton standoff between a man and the local police lasted for four hours. The incident started when two brothers fought, with one of the brothers being stabbed. As a result of the Canton stabbing, 49-year-old Larry King died, although it is believed the attacker suffered from self-inflicted wounds, while the victim survived.

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Police are uncertain what started the knife fight between the two older brothers. The Canton standoff between the man and police started after the alleged attacker locked himself in the house.

“He threatened the officers when they first pulled up to the scene,” Canton Police Chief Ken Berkowitz said, according to CBS Boston. “There was some kind of dispute (between the two) and it ended in a physical altercation.”

The Canton standoff resulted in police officers, a SWAT team from the Metropolitan Law Enforcement Council, and members of the State Police Bomb Squad crowding the streets in the early parts of the morning. Roads in the area were closed, and neighbors were startled to awaken to a scene where heavily armored men were patrolling the streets.

“I’ve never seen that on my street before,” said neighbor Marcia Gaudette, who has lived in the area for 36 years. “It was weird. I was astounded by it.”

A crisis negotiator was called in to end the Canton standoff between Larry King and the police. Unfortunately, they were unsuccessful at first.

“The Canton police tried to get him to pick up the phone, and he didn’t,” the unnamed neighbor said. “They weren’t threatening or anything. They were just trying to get him to pick up.”

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Eventually, the SWAT team sent in a Massachusetts state police robot with a camera into the residence. It was believed the attacker was armed with a knife and several other weapons. After realizing that King was suffering from self-inflicted wounds and was “in need of medical attention,” police officers entered the home using the front door and a window in the garage.

Upon entering, police found one brother who suffered a non-life threatening wound during the Canton stabbing incident. This brother was taken to Norwood Hospital and is expected to survive despite having a puncture wound in his chest. There was also an unidentified woman who was not injured.

By time police reached the attacker he was unconscious. Police Chief Berkowitz said it was a “serious, violent call” to end the Canton standoff, and it appears the second brother was “injured pretty severely by what looks like his own hand.” Larry King died at Boston Medical Center, said David Traub, a spokesman for the Norfolk district attorney’s office.

Berkowitz did not say whether King had a criminal record, although Berkowitz said, “We have been to that house multiple times.”

According to the Boston Globe, state records show that King had been arrested several times related to driving under the influence of alcohol.

A neighbor named Julie witnessed the Canton standoff between the man and police since her house was close to the confrontation.

“I hoped everybody was OK. I said a prayer and I wanted it to end,” she said.

Julie says King had disturbed her multiple times in the past, but rather than call police to intervene, she had tried taking her concerns to Larry King’s mother.

“I try to take the high road and keep the peace,” she said.

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