Justin Bieber Attends Kendall Jenner Birthday Bash, Lashes Out When Asked About Khloe Kardashian Ex Lamar Odom

Justin Bieber was among the guests who turned up to the 20th birthday party of new Victoria’s Secret recruit Kendall Jenner, whose selection for the lingerie show along with fellow model Gigi Hadid has just been reported by E! Online.

Also in attendance at the West Hollywood party for Kendall Jenner were Kylie Jenner, Kris Jenner, rapper Tyga, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, and Kourtney Kardashian.

Justin popped out for a cigarette and was predictably hounded by waiting paparazzi, who asked Bieber if he had a message for rumored friend-with-benefits Kendall (Justin replied, “I hope you have an awesome birthday”). Balmain and Estee Lauder ambassador and Bieber friend Kendall has been so swamped by male attention in recent years that the beauty has turned to dating gurus to give her advice on how to deal with it, as reported by Now.

One cameraman also asked about the “Gangsters” slogan on the back of Justin’s jacket, prompting Bieber to say he “couldn’t be further from a gangster” before he slipped back inside through the kitchen. Perhaps Justin (who has said he identifies with urban/hip-hop culture and even had a “swag coach” for a time) meant to say that he isn’t very “gangster” compared to the other Kardashian guests, which included a handful of notable rappers and a number of do-rag clad young men with more than a touch of “hood” in their gaits.

Justin and the Kardashian/Jenners go back a long way – check out this clip of Kim Kardashian praising the “adorable” 16-year old Justin Bieber, discussing the way she met Justin at a White House dinner and her subsequent intimidation by jealous Beliebers who threatened to “murder” Kim if she kept hanging out with the Biebs.

Kim has also described Justin’s initial reluctance to be set up with the stunning Kendall (Bieber joked that he preferred Kim Kardashian herself!)

A lot has changed since this Elle shoot, with Justin Bieber beefing up for his Calvin Klein ads, hooking up with Selena Gomez, Kendall Jenner, and stunning Instagram model Jayde Pierce, having his privates photographed in Bora Bora, and surprising detractors with a stellar musical comeback.

Justin Bieber’s video for his song “I’ll Show You” shows the superstar leaping over fences, skateboarding across some visually striking plane wreckage, sitting moodily on cliffsides, taking dips in icy lakes, rolling down hills, and staring nature down in panoramic segments that recall Caspar David Friendrich’s masterpiece of Romantic painting Wanderer Above The Sea Of Fog.

All this takes place in a stunning Icelandic setting. The video was directed by Rory Kramer but also appears to have involved Chris Burkard, Ted speaker and self-taught adventure photographer, whom Justin name-checked on Instagram when the video for “I’ll Show You” came out, and whose work “portrays the humble placement of the human in contrast to nature.”

Justin owes a lot to his ability to pick great collaborators. Bieber pal Skrillex created the dreamy sound in “I’ll Show You,” which has a particularly strange ending — the music trails off in a way that feels rather too sudden, then a final burst of sound and “oh oh” ad libbing from Bieber ties the song up, leaving an overall haunting, rather subtle and even slightly sinister musical “aftertaste.”

Justin has shot back at detractors who attribute his recent success (the first three singles from upcoming album Purpose have all been critical and commercial successes) solely to his involvement with the producer.

“People can say ‘Oh, he teamed up with Skrillex, of course the song’s good.’ But you don’t see Skrillex just working with anybody.”

Justin appears to be sustaining his friendship with the less-universally lauded Kardashian/Jenner family, who are often maligned for their perceived “trashiness,” “fame-whoring,” and overt sexuality. Justin’s head can be seen briefly in the clip below, dancing alongside yet another head-scarfed chap as the stunning Kendall, who wore an extremely low cut blouse and pulled her hair into a fashionably ratty up-do that offset her flawless face, is presented with a birthday cake.

It’s not just Kendall Jenner the hitmaker gets asked about. Check out this hilarious footage, taken at LA’s LAX airport, that shows Justin Bieber swarmed by paparazzi as he tries to jet out of the country.

“Do you still love Selena? Do you love Selena Gomez?” cry the camera-wielding men as Bieber urges them to give him some space.

Finally, one of the paps decides to change his line of questioning, asking “did those girls drug Lamar?” (referring to Lamar Odom’s discovery by two prostitutes in a brothel, which was previously reported by The Inquisitr).

Justin ignores this question as well, but the pap persists, trailing the Canadian superstar up a LAX escalator and calling “Justin, did them hos drug Lamar?”

The same pap can then be heard to say: “Justin, was Snoop Dogg right: don’t trust them hos?”

Justin still refused to respond to the suggestion that the brothel workers, who claimed they discovered Lamar Odom unconscious, were actually the ones who drugged him. Bieber turned around and chastised the paps, and though his words are not decipherable, his expression and body language are hostile. To be fair, it is possible Justin was rattled not by the line of questioning but by the incessant hounding as he attempted to walk peacefully to his departure gates.

Justin has given some truly great interviews recently. Check out this comical interview with Bieber by Awkward Puppets, which the superstar teased on Twitter, joking that it was “the most important interview of my career”, and which fans have hailed as “intimate and inspiring.”


The interview is a mini-work of art in itself. Bieber shows some decent acting chops in the clip, which echoes Ricky Gervais’ The Office and Sascha Baron Cohen’s Borat in its awkward “realness,” achieved through long pauses, misunderstandings and the like.


Does Justin Bieber have a good group of friends? Are you looking forward to Purpose? Would Justin Bieber know if Lamar Odom was drugged? Tell us.

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