NeNe Leakes Posts Happy Photo With Cynthia Bailey, Kandi Burruss Attends Event With Phaedra Parks

It seems that viewers will see some friendships repaired on season 8 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. NeNe Leakes recently posted a photo of herself looking very happy with Cynthia Bailey. Kandi Burruss also posted a photo of herself hanging out with Phaedra Parks.

On Sunday, NeNe posted a photo of herself and Cynthia standing close to one another in what looks to be a lounge. The two women seem to have their hands behind one another and are both smiling wide. Cynthia retweeted the photo.

NeNe’s photo prompted many viewers to express shock that she and Cynthia are friends again. While some people did tell NeNe to be careful with Cynthia, it seems that most of the comments expressed happiness that she and Cynthia were able to work past their issues and become friends again.

NeNe and Cynthia quickly became friends after Cynthia joined the show on the third season. The two were such good friends that they hung out, vacationed, and spent holidays together even when not filming the show. Cracks in their friendship began while filming the sixth season. In one episode, NeNe told Cynthia’s husband, Peter Thomas, that he was “acting like a b**ch” for always getting involved in the women’s business. On the season 6 reunion show, Cynthia brought up her displeasure over how NeNe treated Peter.

During her Watch What Happens Live appearance after filming the reunion show, NeNe told host Andy Cohen that she apologized to Cynthia for calling Peter a bad name after it happened and she accepted the apology. The two continued to film the rest of the season and hang out off-camera. So NeNe was caught off-guard when Cynthia brought up the incident again on the reunion show. NeNe made clear that she believes that Cynthia was just using the incident as a story line for her. When asked who should be fired from the show, NeNe pretty much said Cynthia.

“It’s not like she’s [Cynthia] really bringing anything to the show. I mean to be honest, she talks about The Bailey Agency and Bar One.”

In a lengthy “open letter” posted on Uptown Magazine on April 2014, Cynthia detailed, from her perspective, what exactly happened with NeNe. Cynthia wrote that she believes that NeNe lashed out because she felt that she was getting too close to Kenya Moore, NeNe’s enemy. Cynthia criticized NeNe for suggesting that she be fired from the show.

The two women continued their feud on the seventh season. On the reunion show, Cynthia again lashed out at NeNe for saying that she doesn’t bring anything to The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

“I would never be so low as to try to take food off your table.”

Yet NeNe’s recent photo suggests that she and Cynthia have worked past their issues. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, NeNe, who announced in June that she has decided to leave the show, announced last week that she has returned to film a few scenes with the cast. In a tweet posted on Tuesday, NeNe confirmed that she’ll appear as a guest at the end of the season.

Like NeNe Leakes and Cynthia Bailey, Phaedra Parks and Kandi Burruss were good friends both on and off the screen ever since they began filming with one another. Phaedra and Kandi’s friendship began unraveling on season 7, after Phaedra admitted to NeNe and Porsha Williams that Kandi hasn’t really been there for her through her drama with her estranged husband, the currently incarcerated Apollo Nida. After Kandi found out how Phaedra was feeling from NeNe and Porsha, she and Phaedra had two heart-to-heart talks in which Kandi pointed out that she was going through her own things and they resolved to have better communication with one another.

Yet as the season unfolded, Kandi grew incensed as she saw what Phaedra was saying about her and their friendship in her solo Real Housewives interviews. Phaedra also repeatedly said during media interviews that only NeNe and Porsha have been supportive of her. At the season 7 reunion show, Kandi blasted Phaedra and straight out told her that they’re done.

“Phaedra, when you sit up there on TV and was like, ‘Well she just lost a business deal… money can make me happy…,’ as if that’s the only thing that was going on…to see her trying to play me like, oh all I cared about was money, I was like, ‘Really? Oh okay. Well you ain’t gotta worry about it no more.'”

A preview of The Real Housewives of Atlanta season 8 shows that viewers will see Kandi Burruss and Phaedra Parks in another heart-to-heart talk about their friendship, with Phaedra in tears as she tells Kandi that she wants their friendship back. That seems to have happened, since on Tuesday Kandi posted a photo of herself with Phaedra at the premiere of a TV show produced by their co-star Sheree Whitfield.

[Photo by Monica Schipper/Getty Images]