Jax Taylor Confirms He Slept With An Adult Film Star: Who Is She?

Chanel Adams

Jax Taylor kind of overshared on Monday night's episode of Watch What Happens Live. The Vanderpump Rules star made an appearance on the late-night talk show after the premiere of his reality show and the premiere of the new show Apres Ski.

Jax Taylor kind of let it slip when he confirmed who he used to hook up with. It looks like the reality star kind of regret saying it as well. It all started when a fan called into Andy Cohen's talk show and asked Taylor to reveal any famous people he hooked up with in his racy past. Taylor jokingly asked if the caller meant celebrities or adult film stars.

Of course, Andy was curious and asked Jax what adult film stars he slept with in his past. Jax wouldn't say anything, but his castmate Tom Schwartz was willing to answer that question for him. He revealed that Jax slept with an adult film star by the name of "Bridgette B." The meddling reality star then said, "I'm in a lot of trouble now." Tom then apologized to his best friend for answering the question for him.

Later on in the show, Cohen showed a photo of the actress to curious viewers at home. Taylor didn't look pleased as he placed his hand on his head and sighed.

So, who is the adult film star? Bridgette B. is known as a Spanish adult film star who was born in Barcelona, Spain, on Oct. 15, 1983. Her birth name is Luz Abreu, according to IMDB.com. Bridgette moved to the U.S. in 2004 to make her mark in the controversial industry, and currently works and lives in Los Angeles, which is probably where she met Jax Taylor.

Bridgette attended Kent State University in Ohio, where she was a member of the Chi Omega sorority and earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Fashion Merchandising. Bridgette started her foray into the adult entertainment industry as a stripper while earning her college degree, and then went on to work as a receptionist for an adult entertainment company. She has also modeled under the mysterious name "Spanish Doll."

Her career as an adult film actress started in 2008. She has appeared in several hardcore films for Digital Playground, Hustler, Naughty America, Wicked, and Vivid Entertainment. Bridgette went on to win an AVN Award for Unsung Starlet of the Year in 2012.

Jax Taylor didn't just reveal that he hooked up with an adult film star. He also revealed that he hooked up with Lindsay Lohan during the prime of her career. Taylor admitted to Cohen that their fling was very brief.

"It was just once," the 36-year-old seemed willing to say. "She was great. It was a long time ago."

Of course, Andy Cohen didn't go without asking for more information on how "great" Lohan was in bed, but Taylor wouldn't say anymore. "She was just very affectionate."

It sounds like Lindsay Lohan forgot to include Jax Taylor's name on her infamous list of ex-lovers. During her appearance on Watch What Happens Live, the actress also known as LiLo confirmed that all of the names on her sex list were for real.

"And you know that list that came out, that was part of my Betty Ford – it's step No. 5 or No. 8 – it's your sexual inventory, and that was in my Betty Ford book, so that was really personal to my sponsor. You write that for your sponsor.

"So someone took a photo [of the list], and I'm pretty sure I know who it is, unfortunately, and they're not a part of my life at all anymore. They might be on the show at some point."

"So someone took a photo [of the list], and I'm pretty sure I know who it is, unfortunately, and they're not a part of my life at all anymore. They might be on the show at some point."

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